Overly Dramatic

Eldeth's diary (6)

Eldeth Bloodsteel:

No let’s not go to the nice city with dwarves, let’s go to the dark city where our increasingly dark friend ‘Red’ fled from! No that is a great idea… seriously??? Who on earth thinks that is a good idea? Well everyone except me apparently… You’ll see, I’ll be right in the end and we’ll find out we should never’ve come to the wretched city of Hugain!

Well anyway… It wasn’t like I had much choice, everyone was going through the portal and staying behind with Alton trying to find us wasn’t very appealing to face on my own either. When I stepped out of the portal I knew I had been right, Hugain did not seem like a very nice city, the guards at the gates weren’t very friendly… We got in, however, and started walked through this creepy city. The moment we stepped out into a square there were to burly men harassing a poor salesman. I so very much dislike it when big people think they can get away with anything! So I stepped up to the burly guy and basically asked him what his problem was, well turned out that I was his next problem, hehe. We smacked them around a bit (one got away though) but out of nowhere others joined the fight, not that that stopped us from being victorious. Nothing like a good battle to get me in a better mood! We tried to talk to the mean burly guy, but he seemed to suffer from memory loss or something, he didn’t have a clue what he was doing or why, so we handed him over to the guards. We did find out he worked for a merchant, so better try and find him and see if we can find out what kind of dark magic was put on the burly guys (who turned out to be brothers). So we went to an inn, which turned out to be the best choice we had made all day, since (thank Pelor) was run by a dwarf! Aviendha was kind enough to offer her musical services so that we could get a room and some food. When talking to Gilli the innkeeper I found at that most nights a dwarf sorcerer would come by for a few drinks and that he may know something about the magic that those burly men were under. Well I like the combination of a dwarf and drinking, so I figured that I’d have a talk with him about the magicky stuff. Well, the drinking went alright, not so much on the magicky stuff that he could help us with. He was quite interested in Gloriea though, seemed to know she had some funky wild magic. Well I sure told him of the silly things she did with that a few days ago. Hihi, unicorn!

Well the next day there was a plan to go to the rich folks part. Avhienda and Red did dress-up in a magicky way (or at least Red… gives me the creeps that he can). Also our mute went along, said he needed to see Lord Lexand. Well I went to play cards with Rhogash and Gloriea in the inn. Heard the story afterwards. Turned out they got in alright, however, before they could actually talk to this Lexand guy the mute killed him in cold-blood. Strange, he’s usually the peace-loving type and trying not to kill people and now he killed one unprovoked. He said it had something to do with: Keeping the balance (well he didn’t say, but I believe that is what he meant). Weird weird weird… I dunno, this party is feeling more uncomfortable by the day.

Oh and there was something with a magic mirror of the tradesman that had hired the burly men, but turned out all the magic was used up, probably when they picked it up when handling the goods of the merchant. He said he got the mirror from someone down the road outside of Hugain. May be a good idea to check it out, see if we can find something.

However… all of this is more distraction from what we fled from in Ashnor, and I would like to get that cleared up as well. Too many different things, don’t like it when things are unresolved and new things come up…. makes my head spin…


Meertn m_inklaar

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