Overly Dramatic

Eldeth's diary (8)

Yesterday we met the most pompous, self-important dwarf I’ve ever met, or I’ll ever meet for that matter! One second he’s happily drinking some ale, the next he talks elvish (ELVISH!!!) in some posh noble way to Gloriea! I mean, I’m getting used to her being that way, but a dwarf, lowering himself to that! Pah… At first glance he didn’t look too bad, bit too much show-offy clothes, but that could’ve been taken care of, but if anything is turn-off that is a dwarf talking elvish… seriously… elvish?!

Anyway he came to check on the fortress it seems (my guess is he was checking if there was some gold left after we took care of things) and went back with us to the city. When heading back we came up on some orcs, funny little buggers, killing them is just so satisfactory! Almost as good as drinking my dad’s home-made ale!

When we got back to the city we were informed that there seemed to be two armies approaching the city, an army of giants and one of orcs and trolls. We figured that asking the Thundershines for help would make sense, since they know their bangs and booms, which can good in a time of war! Our new poncy prancy dwarf-elf went along with us through the tunnels (going over land with two armies on the look-out didn’t seem like such a good idea). Funniest thing, Gloriea got some larva in her hair, was hilarious to hear her give a little shriek in terror. Then some tentacly beast attacked us as well, we got rid of that of course. After going through the tunnel we met the Thundershines. Decided that we’d attack the trolls/orcs and they’d handle the giants. Nice enough she teleported us close to where we had to be. Close… ONE A MOUNTAIN WITH A GIANT CLIFF!! Seriously? Are they doing this for the fun of it? For some reason I have been getting really scared of… cliffs… can’t explain it. I really fear for my life when I just look at a cliff. Hope it didn’t show too much to the rest, since I can’t seem all squeamish in front of them… thank heavens Rusty knew how to teleport and gave me a ride. Oh and before that I talked to a bird, seriously, a bird!! Was thrilling in a way that I could make the bird understand what I was saying. Never thought I’d connect to animals and nature the way I have been for the past few weeks, it seems to be growing stronger by the day. I got the bird to deliver a message to the city, since we thought it would be clever to let the orcs/trolls things the city was attacking and that we’d sneak-attack from behind. Aviendha managed to fly (funny-looking thing) over the camp and saw that the leaders’ tent was close to the back and that a distraction from the city would make sense.

So we were down and then I saw Mark, and his shadow… his shadow again… moving about, as if it is leading it’s own life… Scary thing though, since Mark doesn’t seem to be aware of his shadow moving about… I… I don’t know if I should trust this, he also has that fiery look sometimes that Redd used to have… oh dear oh dear oh dear, I thought we left that behind us! Mark not seemingly aware of it make sit all the more scarier…

But not time to fret, we had trolls and orcs to kill! We had some awesome sneak, fire-ball, attack that

— to be continued


Meertn m_inklaar

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