Overly Dramatic

Glorea's Diary Part Eleven

My worst moments of the day

  • I was hit by three fireballs!! MY FAVOURITE SPELL! It was fired by some terrible ugly skeletons and they hurt me really bad..auw auwww…
    …my poor beautiful body! I never felt so much pain and I was knocked prone for some time..How could that happen?
  • A whole room full of gelatinous cubes…..do I need to say more? Glad they didn’t trapped me in their jelly bodies..grosh..! Ofcourse I killed them with some fireballs.
  • Got seasick on a sailingboat, next time we take at least a cruise or something that flies!

My most glorious moments of the day

  • Eldeth gave me some of her etherial oil in the dungeon to pass the traps with moving axes and dangerous darts. It was really greazy, and oh my god I had to rub it all over my clean spotless body..Yugh. Why does it always have to be difficult? I’m glad I could make the smell more prettier with the scent of violets! But the oil sent me to the ethereal plane and it was really nice and silent over there and it helped me to pass through the terrible traps without a scratch. So really thanks Eldeth!
  • I summoned all the statues with my special ritual which I only know!
  • I killed a giant who was standing on the castle, Ofcourse I did.


Meertn Gemma

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