Overly Dramatic

Glorea's Diary Part Nine

My worst moments of the day

  • The noble and handsome dwarf (which I thought he was..) acted like a terrible pathetic dwarf when he start drinking ale with Eldeth. Finally I thought there was someone as decent and courteous as me, but it was just a dream..
  • Ofcourse we had to go through the swamp again, why always sewers, swamps and other terrible smelling places? Why isn’t there a proper and clean way to travel for a high elf like me! My dress smelled like mud and was filled with goo, YUGH! Glad I had my lily fragrance to compensate the smell a little.
  • I said to the cityguards outside that I was related to Aviendha. Oh my god, what’s gotten into me? A half-elf! Related to such a nice race like me? But I had to help her in the city..hopefully it doesn’t lower my reputation..

My most glorious moment of the day

  • I went to the bathhouse with Aviendha. Delicious smelling oils and warm water made me feel I was home. Finally I felt clean and comfortable since such a long time! This is what I deserve! We talked with some important people in the city, finally some people from my league. Nice to see so much elves in here.
  • Me and Aviendha booked a room in a very clean and nice Inn : The Dragon and Hydra. Much better than the terrible creaky and old Unicorn Inn where the rest of us stayed. We dressed up in our most beautiful clothes and talked to important people in tje city to know what’s going on in there. Ofcourse I’m still more charismatic and more beautiful than Aviendha , but she’s doing well. Maybe I begin to like her. But she’s still a half elf, Yugh.


Meertn Gemma

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