Overly Dramatic

Glorea's Diary Part Ten

My worst and best moments of the day

  • The gemstones and emeralds we found in the tower ofcourse belonged to me! So I took them and decorated myself with them. It did look good on me ofcourse.
  • I fell asleep! Not just my trance but really ordinary sleeping like a human does…how is that possible? There was that awful sound of the Lute from Aviendha and suddenly I was in another place with only a door.. (Altough a really good looking door with gold and emeralds, the best door I’ve ever seen I think..)
  • My intuition said I had to go through the door, so I first let the others go in and ofcourse I was right! There was a perfect palace with a lovely party going on there and all the elvenlords and countess over there were so kind to me! They called me Lady Gloriea and treated me like like I was the queen, wonderful!
  • But when I took some drinks from the pitiful servant I saw it was Mark..and he talked!
    And after that I saw Morgran with the same terrible zombie-look in his eyes. The Countess acted more and more stranger to me, she wasn’t that fair-spoken to me as she did before.
    And for the first time I had the feeling I had to save the servants (yes the pitiful low servants..)
  • I went to the kitchen and saw the dwarf and the others over there. At the end of the kitchen I saw a servant sharpening knives with his hands full of blood..yugh!
    But he helped me to escape when I touched his hand (yes I did, I touched his bloody disgusting hands!)
I never felt so disgusted about my high status… Glad I helped the servants…Never thought I would say that..


Meertn Gemma

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