Overly Dramatic

Glorea's Diary Sixth Part

My worst moments of the day

  • Buried a dead Halfling who was terrorized bij Lord Perrin…I feel sorry for him…so I buried him with help of my mage hand so I didn’t have to touch the dirt. Yugh!
  • Crawling through a terrible smelling and really YES REALLY filthy sewer! Horrible!
  • Got my dress torned twice by a big sweeping axe and some spikey arrows in the ancient temple.. I’m glad I’m so good with my mending spell!
  • Rogash and Stedd were petrified by a giant snake-thing, so the dwarf and me end up with each other to take care of it (why wasn’t the dwarf petrified? At least he/she would shut up for a while..)

My most glorious moment of the day

  • I casted a very perfect beautiful looking fireball at a ugly pathetic looking fat Bull and snake and killed it!!
    I knew I could control my magic! Now the other party members take me much more serious, finally!
  • I depetrified Stedd and Rogash with the help of a magic scroll and ofcourse my magical powers. They need me, they can’t deny!
  • My wild magic gave me the ability to regain hitpoints, so maybe the wild magic isn’t that dangerous.. But ofcourse I dind’t need to regain because I had no scratch at all (DUH!)


Meertn Gemma

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