Overly Dramatic


The Elves, we went to the Elves. I barely noticed it all. I am beginning to feel more and more like a passenger along for the ride. Something is guiding me, but what?

The Elves are just like Gloriea, did not see coming, so much hatred, so much fear, and should be the elite of society? I am of no use here, so I meditate. The meditation have become more intense, I feel like sometimes I can actually see other places. The places all look familiar, but it’s so hard to see. I think I saw the inn here last time, and I could see myself sitting there. Something else was there with me. Something scary and yet familiar. It said something to me, I could not understand what it said.

I meditated for another day today. It was there again, it followed me as I moved through this city of shadows. IT’s all in my mind of course, but I saw my friends walking in this city too. Distorted, blurred, but clearly them. No the dwarves though, they were absent, I wonder why, tricky thing this mind of mine. I went back to the inn, found the dwarves, drunk, I think. It was when I flew back up the stairs then I heard the dwarf say a word to her comrade that I had heard before. I heard it yesterday, and this time I could hear what it was. Betrayed.

When I woke up this afternoon from my meditation my chest was on fire, I took off my robes, the tattoo from Perrin, it is infected…


Meertn patrick_ratelband

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