Overly Dramatic

Into the new city Hugain

'good introductions'

After stepping through the portal and into the city of Hugain, it took us about 1 whole minute to find trouble. A couple of merchant-guards were harrassing a poor merchant and off course we couldn’t let it go. The fight was kind of hectic though, with people comming in at us from different directions and running as soon as our weapons clashed. We saved the merchant, but the captured robbers couldn’t tell us anything. The seemed to hava blanked out on when they harrassed the merchant. We expected some kind of magic in play and decided if we could find out anything from the employee of the guards.
After a bit of a trip through the city, we found a nice inn called the Golden Axe, which was according to the human one of the better ones. Avienda made a deal with the owner, she offered her services as a bard for room and board for all of us.
The next day we head out and see some more of the city, apparently they have sealed of part of the city for the richer folk and we weren’t allowed in there. We tried to find out more about the attack day before and some of us were realy intend on vistiing the rich part, so we devised a plan to get in there in a less then honorable way.Aviendha, the monk and the human would go in devised as a noble woman and her following, while we would try to distract the guards. The guards seemed to believe Avienda though, so we went back to the inn for some drinks and games.
When the three of them came back, there was soem terrifying news, the mayor had been murdered and apparently our monk had done it. He didn’t seem to fased about it though, but he did seemed more to himself then normaly after that. I’m not sure what to think of him now though. I killed people, but always in battle and never in cold blood.
Next day we went to the merchant whose guards we stopped the first day to see if we could find anything magical that could have influenced people. We found a small mirror, which had some traces of used magic on it. It was sold to the merchant by someone on the road outside the city.
Next couple of days will be interesting though, the city is in a bit of a mess with the mayor gone. Maybe I should ask the guards if they need a strong pair of hands keeping order.


Meertn l_huizing

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