Overly Dramatic

Mark's diary: Dark tidings within

Could it be, the Dragonborn said it happened, so it must be. The stories I heard the villagers tell when they did not know I was there, are they about me? They can’t be, I was chosen for the mission. Only the best get that honor, and only until they die. I must uphold balance, that is why I am out here. Not because I am what they think I am. My parent were normal people! Just like everyone else! Tieflings share a common ancestry with the darker sides, but that was a long time and many generations ago! I am not what they say I am!

But he saw it, he said so, why would he lie? And I do feel more comfortable in the shadows, the world there is more real. Time and distance seem not exist so much there, it is as if light creates them. I understand now that the shadows are the absence of light, of distance, of time itself. If it is true, if I was not selected because they thought I was worthy, but only to remove me with a good excuse, then… No, they would have told me. They never lied to me, did they? But the light, the light hurt my eyes. More then it seemed to hurt the rest, I think I managed to close the without anyone noticing me. The elf is the only one who might have, I hope she does not seek to much behind it, I can just tell her I don’t like too much light, that is after all the truth.

One thing is for sure, if it is true, if I am indeed what I think I might be, then there is no stopping it. I might be able to delay it, contain it, maybe I can use it. For now I seem to be in control whenever I pay attention, my shadow has not moved as far I as have been able to tell. I hope the dwarf can handle it should it show, she was not too happy with the inclinations of Red. I guess I will have to mind where and when I go to sleep or meditate, lock the door, get my own room. I don’t think I have had any unpure intentions yet, not while awake. I must guard, I must restore balance to the realms before I lost it myself.


Meertn patrick_ratelband

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