Overly Dramatic

Rhogash entry #11

There is no place like home

There is this saying, there’s no place like home, well, now home is like no place anywhere else. Our beautifull homecity is overrun by demons and the people seem to camp outside the city in refugeecamps. We met back up with Farona, who seems to have a prominent role in gathering the people from Ashnor. Not straying from our quest, we made good use of our time, only resting the minimum to regain spells and health. We had a few summoning circles to restore! Apparently they took the statues we had put in place here. First up was the mine. There were some dwarves there, which seem to be mining more brainlessly then normal. Apparently under a spell to powerfull for us to break, we decided to push on. After clearing some debris of a collapsed tunnel, we found a few cloakers who choked on our weapons.
The ritual went smoothly, no demons popped up, maybe they ran out of demons to throw at us or maybe we scare them. Anyway, this as just our first stop. Next up was the one in the crypts. This time we were greeted by some flaming skulls who bombarded us with fireballs when we entered. Gloria went down, a little bit ironic since she’s the one usualy throwing those things around. I helped her up again and after we took care of the skulls we went through a series of traps. Not too much of a challenge, though not like a walk in the forest.
In the final room we found a few undeads and undead-demons. I’m running out of things to descibe how we dealt with those, but they’ll not be returning anytime soon. After this it was another easy summoning of the statue.
Next statue on the list was the one on the island. We found a sailor willing to lend his boat and after overpaying him and ‘securing’ a way back to mainland, we set out. The island seemed to be protected by giants this time. I don’t remember seeing those last time I was here, maybe this Oxigar is trying to protect his statues afterall. Rusty and Eldeath teleported to the wall and took care of them, while Mark and me took care of the boat.
The keep on the island looked like i did last time we were here, including the oozes protecting it on the inside. I got swallowed a few times, realy not fun, but they better choke on me then eating one of my friends. After this we found the ritual place and again no demons were summoned, just a statue. We went back to Farona’s camp after this to get some sleep and contemplate what would be our next move.


Meertn l_huizing

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