Overly Dramatic

Rhogash's Entry #7

Fight, flight and forsaken?

Last couple of days were some of those days in which a lot happened and I got this feeling I’m not even aware of most of it. Red had plans, I suspect Mark had plans of his own and Eldeath seemed to be swirling into depression about killing people. It are strange times when the ones most predictable and levelheaded are Avienda and Gloria……if I didn’t know any better, I’d believe Bahamuth is testing my resolve to see if I’m worthy of his powers.
A few things were quite straight forward though. We ended the reign of Perrin in a head-on battle and we figured out where to go next. We managed to scare Perrin out of the city and possibly this plane of existence for now. Though being a demon of some sort, he might just poof back into the city as he pleases, we don’t know. Ivellios and apparently Red are staying in the city to get it back on track. I hope for both their sakes they can work things out. The rest seem to believe Red will make things worse, but I think, no believe, he’ll do the right thing and keep order in this city, in his own way……..though I’m glad Ivellios is here as well.
As for the next leg of our journey, we’re heading to dwarf lands. Something I hope will cheer Eldeath up somewhat. Thrinan and a friend of him called Rusty seemed to think it was a good idea as well. I just hope they have some good armorsmiths there, if the foes we fought last couple of weeks are any indication, we’d do well to be ready and prepared.


Meertn l_huizing

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