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Rusty's diary 15-10-2015

Nannaday, Termini 13, 1284CE:

Found dragon’s hoard below the tower. Lots of gold. Aviendha found magic lute. Curious. Also found summoning circle. Performed ritual. No demons. Very curious. Should be last of circles. Finally done? I hope so. So much time passed since Larna castle. Time to end this. So tired. So very tired. Soothing music. Might as well sleep here and head back tomorrow.

Titanday, Termini 14, 1284CE ?:

Woke up… somewhere. Not on the island. Orange sky. Think I know where… must be some plane. Can’t remember which one. Strange. Know I read about this. Light is all wrong, too. No shadows.

Gloriea seems to know this place. Finds gem-encrusted gold door. Behind it, edge of abyss. Don’t like this. Vague sense of dread. Door opens into hallway. Some elven castle. Mark finds dark portal nearby. Poke arm throug door. Weird. Clothing changed. Don’t quite feel myself. Morgran goes through. Dressed as servant. Walks through far door. Doesn’t seem like him. Weird. Want to check out black portal. Can’t though; after Gloriea went through I feel compelled to go through as well.

In elven palace. Dressed as servant. Can’t control my actions. Must scream but can’t. Others dressed as servants as well, except Gloriea. After while, go back outside. Seems Gloriea had to decide to leave. Might be some test. Feel like myself again. Door now looks fake and cheap.

Mark shows us black portal. Seems like something weird going on; environment seems to actively resist change. Find another portal; misty staircase, seems to be in middle, somehow. Golden gem on portal that seems to have come from elven castle door. Six other sockets.

Mark goes through dark portal. Feel compelled to go through as well. Seems the portals are connected to us. Intriguing. Expect to find five more. Mark’s portal leads to bright room with shadows along edge. Black jet in center. Mark can’t approach. Can, though, after he disrobes. Gets gem and we’re back outside.

Eldeth found next portal. Crossed axes. Entered it. Demon legion. None of us have weapons, except Eldeth. Too many for her. Cliff behind us. No way out. Jumped off, and landed outside again.

Found the next portal; flanked by stacks of books, weird statue on top. Statue looks quite dumb. Weird juxtaposition. Entered it, in great library. So many books. Books I’ve only heard of, all here. Found book about Oiaxar. Last war. Solution must be here. I just need some time. Bren is here, too. Not sure if real; the knowledge seems real, though. Bren attacked by shadow demon. How can I sacrifice everything for him? Fate of the world, or Bren. I must read faster… Book seems to be endless. Poor Bren. I failed him once. Not now. But I must. How can I choose? I feel darkness gnawing at my mind. I can’t remember start of the book anymore… I find burning candle, burn book. Bren’s shadow demon recedes… Book burns. All that knowledge… lost forever. Library fades out. I hear Bren. He thanks me. Poor, poor Bren. I can’t live with myself… But if that’s the price to pay for saving the world, I will pay it gladly.

Next portal is Rhogash’s. Sturdy wood. Leads to temple of Bahamut. Eldeth collapses. So do Morgran and Gloriea. Temple starts to burn. Try to cast spell. Don’t seem to remember how… Everthing goes black… Feel heat. Wake up outside. Going back to the center portal. Five gems now. Golden gem for Gloriea, black jet for Mark, ruby for Eldeth, prismatic opal for me and platinum gem for Rhogash. Two to go.

Morgran’s portal leads to ancestral castle. Has to explain to uncle how he stole and sold family heirloom due to gambling debts.

Aviendha’s gate is hidden in plain sight; a tree’s branches are twisted to make the gate. Leads to city. Eerie. Many copies of Aviendha. Don’t know which one is real. Hear a song. About orphan, found by charlatan, but apprentice became the master. Orphan was half-elf, but even that was a lie. Orphan is planetouched. As song continued, more and more copies of Aviendha fade out. Only one remains. Real Aviendha. The planetouched orphan.

Misty staircase is now solid; last two gems are socketed. Morgran’s amethyst and Aviendha’s translucent diamond. Followed staircase down. Two demons. Barlgura and hezrou. After barlgura dies, hezrou transforms into deva. Deva transports us to Ashnor.

Namday, Termini 15, 1284CE ?:

Woke up in Ashnor. Not sure exactly when. Island might only be yesterday. Might be weeks ago. Not sure. Think yesterday.


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