Overly Dramatic

Rusty's diary 24-01-2016

Namday, Termini 15, 1284CE:

Found summoning circle at bottom of mine. Summoned statue. No demonic interference. Unusual. Collapsed tunnels on the way out. Unlikely to deter determined adversary, but might keep out transients. One statue down. Suspect four to go. Three locations known; crypt, temple of Poseidon, island.

Crypt guarded by flameskulls. Intruiging. Flameskulls that cast fireball. Nasty surprise. Will need to hurry. Guarded by traps as well; not much of a challenge. Ritual chamber infested with zombies, and zombie demons. Interesting. Had heard of such beings, but never seen before. Dispatched zombies and summoned statue. Still no interruptions. Eery. Traps disabled on way out. Very eery. Back to Farona’s camp to rest.

Tigday, Termini 16, 1284CE:

Next statue is on island in lake south of Ashport. Need to find transportation. Found a sailor willing. Reasonable price, initially, but Eldeth seems to want to throw money away. Weird behaviour for a dwarf. Hmm. Anyway,
teleported on top of ramparts with Eldeth when approaching island. Found two giants. Barely troubling. Into the keep. Apparently, infested by gelatinous cube before. Turns out, still is. Lots of them. Engulfed by one. Not amused. Destroyed them all. Summoned next statue. Still no gods damned demons. Where are they. Oiaxar must be noticing the statues being summoned. What is he playing at. Did I miss something? Is there some part of the puzzle I have overlooked? I wish I hadn’t burned those books, there must be something I have missed. No. I will be damned before I let him win. Back to Farona’s camp. I must make contingencies.


Meertn ralf_vandenbroek

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