Overly Dramatic

Rusty's diary 27-02-2016

Eladay, Termini 17, 1284CE:

Fourth summoning circle in temple of Poseidon. Opressive feel in market. Cast a glamour to make us all look like peasants; should reduce chance of us being noticed. Morgran is bull-headed and I can’t overcome his willpower. Unfortunate. Guards were still suspicious, but Eldeth bluffed her way out of it. Remarkable. Entrance to subterranean hall with circle around side. Locked, but Aviendha has key. Mark tries to cross water, but grabbed by demonic squid. Morgran grabbed as well. I teleport him and myself across. Fireballs in the water. Mark pulls lever. Bridge raised across water. Statue is summoned. No demons. Farona sends a psychic distress call to Aviendha. Clever demon. The game is afoot.

Back to Farona’s camp. Mark and Aviendha rushed ahead, but doubled back after being attacked. Ambushed by dretches and a yochlol. Campsite ravaged. No survivor’s found, no sign of Farona. Eldeth tracked attacker’s tracks back to Ashnor. Tried Alton’s house. Abandoned for days. Will try to backtrack from dungeon exit, instead. Succesful at infiltrating dungeon. Found Farona and other survivors. Alton must be upstairs. Last circle as well. I will finally redeem myself. Found a guard room upstairs. Alton’s voice. He’s prepared. But so are we. Oiaxar is close to breaking free, as well. He can project his voice into this plane already. Not much time. Alton summons two demons, and transforms in one as himself. Eldeth saved beads of force for this day, and managed to trap Alton in one. Killed the demons. Tried to hide from Alton using invisibility but he has true sight. Still, he died more easily than expected. Gloriea summons the last statue.

Finally. After all this time. Done. Oiaxar taunts us. Challenges us to find him in Abyss and finish him for good. Opens a portal for us. Not taken in so easily; he will be more powerful there. Too powerful. But he wont’t be able to manifest on this plane for centuries, now. That will do for me. Eldeth charges in, though. So does Mark, grabbing Aviendha. I tried to save her. I did. Feared Mark. He shrugged it off. Dangerous glint in his eye. Almost like he knew this would happen. Rhogash follows them. All fools. They will die screaming. Oiaxar can call me a coward all he wants; fuck him, this world is safe. At least Gloriea sees it my way, too.


Meertn ralf_vandenbroek

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