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Stedd's adventure log 2015-04-18

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“We arrived near Hugain, and made our way towards the city. I knew I had to get rid of Vorn’s glaive. It would draw attention. I DIDN’T WANT ANY ATTENTION; NOT YET, ANYWAY. We entered the city through the south gate. I changed my face to avoid being recognized; the city guards were lax here, as I had expected, but the syndicate enforcers were wary as always.

As we made our way to the Golden Axe, we passed by the market square. Some toughs were roughing up one of the vendors; the syndicate used to be more circumspect. Still, no need to rile them up right away. THE HALFWIT DWARF DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE NECESSESITY OF ORDER; THE STRONG WILL ALWAYS PREY UPON THE WEAK. I tried to stop her; no need to get into a fight over some loser. But she just had to do it. They hefted their weapons, and a fight broke out. Could have used a proper weapon, but then I realised the thing in my head was reaching out into the void and a dark iron glaive appeared in my hands. Useful. We got ambushed by some thugs, as well, but scattered them soon enough. Just in time for the guards to arrive. Of course. I slipped into the dark to avoid them. After the fight, the mute showed me a note with a name, Lexand. Huh. How’d he get the name of the Lord of the Borderlands? By this time, one of the toughs had woken up. I had a bit of sport with him, but he really knew nothing, Said he was but a merchant guard, and that his boss was staying in the Golden Axe.

We entered the inn, and Aviendha bartered her singing skills for a shared room. Convenient, since we were flat broke after fleeing Ashnor. We asked around, and found the tough’s boss. He confirmed he had two guards that had gone missing. Eldeth figured it might be some spell, and asked the barkeep whether he knew any mage. Turned out there was this dwarf sorcerer that liked to hang around, and we asked him about it. THE DWARF WAS A HALF-TRAINED SAVAGE, BARELY ABLE TO CONTROL EVEN THE SIMPLEST SPELL. OBVIOUSLY, HE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO HELP ME IN ANY WAY. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SMOTHERED AS A BABE. Said he’d get back to us. We figured our only lead was Lexand, so we went to the bridge to the noble ward. Should have remembered; they always were fussy about letting people in on their side of the river.

When we came back to the inn, we had a little surprise party waiting for us. One of the syndicate’s capos paid us a visit, warned us about stirring up trouble. HIS LIFE FORCE WOULD BE SO EASY TO SNUFF. THREATENING ME IS AS SLITTING HIS OWN WRISTS. He wasn’t as persuasive as he had hoped, but we’re not really dung farmers, either. He will be trouble in the end, though, I just feel it. Anyway, Aviendha decided to forge a letter of introduction to use that to persuade the guards to let us cross the bridge. I went along as her bodyguard, and we had to take the mute as well since apparently he had some business with Lord Lexand. He posed as a cleric; sure to grab attention in this town.

We crossed the bridge easily enough this time. THE GUARDS WERE AS EASY TO FOOL AS NEWLY-DEAD LARVAE. THEY DESERVE THIS WRETCHED CITY. We went to Lexand’s mansion and actually got to have a chat with him. Seemed like a reasonable sort. The mute tried to signal me something, but I can never tell what he really wants. Wish I had; he locked the door, shut out all sounds with some monk mumbo jumbo and fucking punched the guy to death with his bare hands! Barely had time to summon my glaive; it was over before I knew it. Fucking moron. I slammed the butt of my glaive in the side of his head and got a very satisfying crack. We had to leg it though, before someone found us. We escaped through the window and back over the bridge.

Later that night I decided to try and work my way into the syndicate, I found one of the capos, a halfling named Riffolk, in an inn where I knew the syndicate hangs out. They were pretty reluctant, but when I hinted that I might know where ‘Stedd’ was, they were pretty interested. Not really sure yet how I’m gonna play that angle. I want to work my way up to Perrin; killing mid-level capos might be satisfying, but it isn’t gonna help me that much. BY THE NINE HELLS, THEY WILL BEG TO DIE BEFORE THE END. In the meantime, the others had had some more luck with the merchant; they had a look around his warehouse and Rhogash found some magic trinket which might be related to the market place incident; merchant said he’d got it on the road to Hugain. We might look into that as well."


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