Overly Dramatic

Stedd's adventure log 2015-06-14

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“We went to the market square to check whether our rumors had paid off. And paid off, they had. Perrin had Riffolk tortured and killed, and his body crucified on the market square. THE SYNDICATE CHIEF IS MORE AGGRESSIVE THAN ANTICIPATED BUT UNREFINED IN HIS METHODS. STILL, THE SITUATION CAN BE USED TO MY ADVANTAGE. More aggressive than I would have guessed, but this does open up some options. I decided to check up on Riffolk’s inn, the Crowing Raven; there must be some of his men still around, looking for a new leader. Turns out the inn was destroyed and none of Riffolk’s men were around. I looked around the area and found a number of them cowering. Told them to find more and meet me at the inn.

While they were looking, I checked in at the Golden Axe, where we found out that the dwarf sorcerer had found a ritual to summon one of the statues from Ashnor. Apparently we needed to find a suitable location to summon the statue, and of course it had to be in a sewer. We would go there later, but first I had a meeting at the Crowing Raven. They were a sorry lot, desperate to get in Perrin’s good graces. I reminded them that Perrin would never forget they worked for Riffolk before, and they would all be a lot better off without Perrin in town. That way, they could have vengeance for Riffolk. OF COURSE, I DON’T CARE FOR THE HALFLING. IF PERRIN HADN’T, I WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM EVENTUALLY. HIS DEATH CREATES POSSIBILITIES, THOUGH, TO CONTROL THIS WRETCHED CITY. Let them, I would have my own vengeance. I riled them up to go after some of Perrin’s men and have a little fun with them. This would serve to bind them even more tightly to me, as after this, Perrin would surely kill them if they tried to join him.

After that, I returned once again to the Golden Axe and we set out for the sewers to perform the ritual. We passed a number of traps, and then fought some golem thing and a bunch of animated furniture. Then we fought some animated sets of armor with some kind of fire spirit within them I guess; not an expert but it looked fiery enough, anyway. Rhogash and me decided to bring these armors to an armor smith later; they might be suitable to wear. Then we found a room with a bone snake and an iron bull. The bone snake cast a lightning bolt that really fucking hurt, but the elf witch finally managed to cast an actual controlled fireball and killed it, so I suppose she’s starting to get useful. The iron bull on the other hand wasn’t killed, and breathed some kind of green vapor that seemed to slow me down significantly… I couldn’t move… THIS CANNOT BE… THE WHEELS HAVE JUST BEEN SET IN MOTION; I CANNOT BE TRAPPED IN THIS STONE BODY… I MUSTGET

And then I could move again… turned out the green mist had petrified me and Rhogash, but luckily the dwarf sorcerer had had some scrolls to restore us. We moved on to the next room; which turned out to be the last room. We found the same markings on the floor as we had seen in Ashnor where we found the original statues. Bit convenient, I suppose. I should ask the dwarf about this later. We started the ritual, and a bunch of demons were summoned. OIAXAR’S MINIONS WERE PITIFUL, THOUGH. IMPRISONMENT MUST HAVE ADDLED HIS BRAINS IF HE THINKS THESE WRETCHES COULD STOP THE RITUAL. A BARLGURA IS THE MOST POWERFUL DEMON HE CAN SUMMON; PATHETIC. It too was no match for us, and the ritual was completed. The statue was summoned. We found a chest in the area as well which contained a magical jug and some magical dust. When we returned to the dwarf sorcerer, it turned out the jug could create ale, and the dwarf took it as payment for the scrolls."


Meertn ralf_vandenbroek

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