Overly Dramatic


The nightmares have grown strong and clear. The word betrayal echos in my mind. The wound of the illicit tattoo of Perrin festers on my body.
I know what this means. I know what I have done. I know what I should do, but I cannot. The name that can be seen in the blisters, not her. Anyone but her.

Why her? Did she? No she could not have, she know better then to interfere with holy things. I must be mistaken, it must be someone else.

The nightmares made their way into the real world today, well, real is the question. Everyone got a trail of sorts. Mine was to disrobe, I did, I showed them what I was.
They all had their eyes closed, but I knew she did not. I could feel it, I could feel the pull. Fate it seems it not without a sense of irony, I wonder if she saw it too.
Did she see? Did she see what I saw? Did she see her name too?

After the trails, we encountered a deva. Her light burned, it was blinding, yet it felt familiar. The moment I put on my hood and look properly through the slits of
eyes I felt something I had never felt before. Could it be? Could she be? The puzzle begins solve itself in my mind.

I see now what balance is, balance is that shadow cannot exist without light, and light would useless if it was not for darkness.
Balance is the path in between we must walk. Balance is not what this world is in right now.

I will complete my mission, I understand now, I know now why I born, who you are mother, who you are father. I know where and how it and I will end. Soon we will meet
again. The portal awaits, I will bring the girl.


Meertn patrick_ratelband

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