Overly Dramatic

Stedd's adventure log 2015-05-10

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“So we met this elven paladin that Rhogash said he knew from way back. Blah blah blah, concern about the welfare of the common folk and all that paladin bullshit they tend to keep spewing. Turns out, he wanted us to kill a half-orc capo. HE HID BEHIND HIS FAKE ELVEN GRACE, LIKE ALL OF CORELLON’S SNIVELING COWARDS, AND HADN’T EVEN THE COURAGE TO ASK US STRAIGHT UP HE WANTED A MAN DEAD. Good enough for me though; shake the tree and you never know what might fall down. We threatened some goons to find out where the half-orc was hiding out, and used the sewers to get there. We wiped the place out. Let’s see what’ll come falling down.

The paladin was waiting for us back at the inn; he was busy keeping his hands clean. He suggested we talk to the mayor to find out more about the syndicate running this town. They really seem hellbent on throwing the city in chaos. THIS SUITS ME, FOR NOW. CAUSE ENOUGH CHAOS, AND IT WILL BE SO VERY EASY TO SCOOP UP ALL THE BROKEN PIECES AND RECREATE THE SYNDICATE THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE. Obviously, I don’t really need to know who runs the syndicate, as I already know quite enough about them, so I decided to go run a few errands. I went to meet Riffolk, the halfling, and told him I knew who killed the half-orc. I wasn’t even lying when I told him that Red Stedd had killed him, and that I had followed him and knew where he was. Well, I suppose I hadn’t really followed him, but eh, close enough, Riffolk bought it. I told him I’d scout some more and report back.

I made my way back to the inn, where I learned that the rest had decided to pit Riffolk against Perrin by telling each of them the other wanted to kill ‘em. Decent enough plan, they are a paranoid bunch. Not the easiest sell but worth the shot. Aviendha and the elf witch decided to spend some time spinning rumours. Might work, but it would need a more… personal… touch. I suggested Aviendha forge some notes proving our stories, which we could plant on some of their goons. It’d be too risky of course to plant the notes while they were alive, but that’s a problem that’s easy to solve. THE HALF-WIT DWARF WAS VERY COOPERATIVE. SO EASY TO CORRUPT. I DOUBT IT WILL TAKE MUCH MORE PRODDING TO GET HER SOUL TO FALL INTO DARKNESS.

Once the job was done, we went back to the inn where it turned out the dwarf sorcerer had left us a message; when we met him, he told us he’d been in touch with Farona and she had some very interesting news about Ashnor. Turned out that the demon corrupting that city has a name, and that name is Oiaxar. I REMEMBER HIM. FOUGHT HIM ONCE IN THE BLOOD WAR. EVEN FOR THE STANDARDS OF HIS TREACHEROUS KIN, HE’S A NASTY PIECE OF WORK. DESTROYING HIM WILL GREATLY INCREASE MY STANDING IN THE NINE HELLS. Been bound near Ashnor but in a different world or something for a long time, apparently. The thing in my head seethes at its name. I feel its rage. Anyway, the statues were made to fortify his prison and they are apparently not working anymore. Long story, really. Tuned out during most of it.

Long story short, we need to be pure of heart or some bullshit to be able to defeat Oiaxar. Doubt that will ever happen, really. And we need to bring order to this city. That, I am up for. It might not be the kind of order paladins like, but it will be the kind of order where honest people can go out during the night and not be robbed or murdered in the streets. IT WILL BE THE KIND OF ORDER WHERE THE CHURCHES OF THE HEAVENS WILL FIND NO FOLLOWERS, BUT WHERE THE WORSHIP OF THE LORDS OF THE NINE WILL BE SUPREME.

While we were there, Rhogash found a pair of gloves that he can use to speak sign language for a bit, and the witch found a cloak that will help her cast her spells better or something. IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR HER SAKE THAT IT WORKS, AS I DON’T THINK I’LL BE VERY PLEASED IF SHE TRIES TO KILL ME AGAIN.

After that, we made a plan to ambush some of Riffolk’s men and make it look like they were sent to kill Perrin. I went to Riffolk and told him I’d found where Stedd was hiding, and he was only too eager to send his men there to kill him. Guess he hoped to win favour with Perrin that way. Not gonna happen. We came to the agreed ambush location, and I waited for them to go in. THE FOOLS COULDN’T SET A PROPER AMBUSH. THE DRAGONBORN GODSWORN WASN’T EVEN HIDING! IDIOT. WHAT DOES HE THINK AN AMBUSH IS? THIS ISN’T SOME SHINING TOURNAMENT. Luckily, the goons weren’t the brightest lot, and we got them in and I could lock the door behind them. We swifly slaughtered them and left evidence on them framing Riffolk. We’re shaking the tree even harder, something has to fall out soon."

DM's log sessie 7

Terwijl de helden onderzoeken wat ze in de stad kunnen doen, ontmoeten ze Ivellios, de Paladin die Rhogash ooit geïnspireerd heeft zelf Paladin te worden. Hij vertelt dat hij graag de stad weer tot een betere plek wil maken, maar dat dat nu zeker lastig is nu Lord Lexand dood is. Een van de luitenanten van de maffia, Half-Orc Adwic is bijzonder druk bezig een naam voor zichzelf te maken en terroriseert een hele buurt. Na enig overleg besluiten de helden dat ze wel willen helpen hiermee. Via de stormdrains komen ze zijn hideout binnen en maken korte metten met iedereen daarbinnen.
Als ze Ivellios daarna treffen in de Golden Axe proberen ze tot een plan te komen om de stad te helpen. De burgemeester, Tona Daham heeft daar ook belang bij en zo kunnen ze elkaar wellicht helpen. Ivellios is bekend in de rijke buurt en ze kunnen dus zonder problemen daar naartoe. Ze komen daar tot het plan om de verschillende leiders en luitenanten van de maffia tegen elkaar op te zetten. Aviendha en Gloriea verspreiden hiervoor geruchten in de stad.
De volgende dag doden ze een aantal mobsters en laten brieven bij hen achter om de geruchten kracht bij te zetten. Die middag krijgen ze een uitnodiging van Thrinan. Ze gaan hier naartoe en hij vertelt dat hij contact heeft gehad met Farona. Hij weet wat meer van demon die Alton Danesh aan het oproepen is: Oiaxar. Ook vertelt hij over helden die eeuwen geleden er in geslaagd zijn hem terug vast te zetten in zijn gevangenis. Hiervoor is het wel van belang dat de helden puur van hart zijn. Ook moeten ze eerst zorgen dat Hugain weer een stabiele plek wordt.
Toevallig vindt Rogash een paar handschoenen, hij blijkt hiermee een paar keer per dag Mark te kunnen begrijpen. Ook krijgt Gloriea een robe waarmee ze iets meer controle heeft over haar Wild Magic. De dwergen kennen een ritueel om deze nog krachtiger te maken.
Om te zorgen dat de maffia elkaar nog minder vertrouwen overtuigt Stedd Riffolk ervan dat hij ‘zichzelf’ gevonden heeft. Hij stuurt 5 mannen met hem mee om ‘Stedd’ te vinden. De helden lokken hen in een hinderlaag en laten een brief op hen achter die suggereert dat Riffolk Perrin wil doden.

Eldeth's diary (6)

Eldeth Bloodsteel:

No let’s not go to the nice city with dwarves, let’s go to the dark city where our increasingly dark friend ‘Red’ fled from! No that is a great idea… seriously??? Who on earth thinks that is a good idea? Well everyone except me apparently… You’ll see, I’ll be right in the end and we’ll find out we should never’ve come to the wretched city of Hugain!

Well anyway… It wasn’t like I had much choice, everyone was going through the portal and staying behind with Alton trying to find us wasn’t very appealing to face on my own either. When I stepped out of the portal I knew I had been right, Hugain did not seem like a very nice city, the guards at the gates weren’t very friendly… We got in, however, and started walked through this creepy city. The moment we stepped out into a square there were to burly men harassing a poor salesman. I so very much dislike it when big people think they can get away with anything! So I stepped up to the burly guy and basically asked him what his problem was, well turned out that I was his next problem, hehe. We smacked them around a bit (one got away though) but out of nowhere others joined the fight, not that that stopped us from being victorious. Nothing like a good battle to get me in a better mood! We tried to talk to the mean burly guy, but he seemed to suffer from memory loss or something, he didn’t have a clue what he was doing or why, so we handed him over to the guards. We did find out he worked for a merchant, so better try and find him and see if we can find out what kind of dark magic was put on the burly guys (who turned out to be brothers). So we went to an inn, which turned out to be the best choice we had made all day, since (thank Pelor) was run by a dwarf! Aviendha was kind enough to offer her musical services so that we could get a room and some food. When talking to Gilli the innkeeper I found at that most nights a dwarf sorcerer would come by for a few drinks and that he may know something about the magic that those burly men were under. Well I like the combination of a dwarf and drinking, so I figured that I’d have a talk with him about the magicky stuff. Well, the drinking went alright, not so much on the magicky stuff that he could help us with. He was quite interested in Gloriea though, seemed to know she had some funky wild magic. Well I sure told him of the silly things she did with that a few days ago. Hihi, unicorn!

Well the next day there was a plan to go to the rich folks part. Avhienda and Red did dress-up in a magicky way (or at least Red… gives me the creeps that he can). Also our mute went along, said he needed to see Lord Lexand. Well I went to play cards with Rhogash and Gloriea in the inn. Heard the story afterwards. Turned out they got in alright, however, before they could actually talk to this Lexand guy the mute killed him in cold-blood. Strange, he’s usually the peace-loving type and trying not to kill people and now he killed one unprovoked. He said it had something to do with: Keeping the balance (well he didn’t say, but I believe that is what he meant). Weird weird weird… I dunno, this party is feeling more uncomfortable by the day.

Oh and there was something with a magic mirror of the tradesman that had hired the burly men, but turned out all the magic was used up, probably when they picked it up when handling the goods of the merchant. He said he got the mirror from someone down the road outside of Hugain. May be a good idea to check it out, see if we can find something.

However… all of this is more distraction from what we fled from in Ashnor, and I would like to get that cleared up as well. Too many different things, don’t like it when things are unresolved and new things come up…. makes my head spin…

Into the new city Hugain
'good introductions'

After stepping through the portal and into the city of Hugain, it took us about 1 whole minute to find trouble. A couple of merchant-guards were harrassing a poor merchant and off course we couldn’t let it go. The fight was kind of hectic though, with people comming in at us from different directions and running as soon as our weapons clashed. We saved the merchant, but the captured robbers couldn’t tell us anything. The seemed to hava blanked out on when they harrassed the merchant. We expected some kind of magic in play and decided if we could find out anything from the employee of the guards.
After a bit of a trip through the city, we found a nice inn called the Golden Axe, which was according to the human one of the better ones. Avienda made a deal with the owner, she offered her services as a bard for room and board for all of us.
The next day we head out and see some more of the city, apparently they have sealed of part of the city for the richer folk and we weren’t allowed in there. We tried to find out more about the attack day before and some of us were realy intend on vistiing the rich part, so we devised a plan to get in there in a less then honorable way.Aviendha, the monk and the human would go in devised as a noble woman and her following, while we would try to distract the guards. The guards seemed to believe Avienda though, so we went back to the inn for some drinks and games.
When the three of them came back, there was soem terrifying news, the mayor had been murdered and apparently our monk had done it. He didn’t seem to fased about it though, but he did seemed more to himself then normaly after that. I’m not sure what to think of him now though. I killed people, but always in battle and never in cold blood.
Next day we went to the merchant whose guards we stopped the first day to see if we could find anything magical that could have influenced people. We found a small mirror, which had some traces of used magic on it. It was sold to the merchant by someone on the road outside the city.
Next couple of days will be interesting though, the city is in a bit of a mess with the mayor gone. Maybe I should ask the guards if they need a strong pair of hands keeping order.

Stedd's adventure log 2015-04-18

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“We arrived near Hugain, and made our way towards the city. I knew I had to get rid of Vorn’s glaive. It would draw attention. I DIDN’T WANT ANY ATTENTION; NOT YET, ANYWAY. We entered the city through the south gate. I changed my face to avoid being recognized; the city guards were lax here, as I had expected, but the syndicate enforcers were wary as always.

As we made our way to the Golden Axe, we passed by the market square. Some toughs were roughing up one of the vendors; the syndicate used to be more circumspect. Still, no need to rile them up right away. THE HALFWIT DWARF DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE NECESSESITY OF ORDER; THE STRONG WILL ALWAYS PREY UPON THE WEAK. I tried to stop her; no need to get into a fight over some loser. But she just had to do it. They hefted their weapons, and a fight broke out. Could have used a proper weapon, but then I realised the thing in my head was reaching out into the void and a dark iron glaive appeared in my hands. Useful. We got ambushed by some thugs, as well, but scattered them soon enough. Just in time for the guards to arrive. Of course. I slipped into the dark to avoid them. After the fight, the mute showed me a note with a name, Lexand. Huh. How’d he get the name of the Lord of the Borderlands? By this time, one of the toughs had woken up. I had a bit of sport with him, but he really knew nothing, Said he was but a merchant guard, and that his boss was staying in the Golden Axe.

We entered the inn, and Aviendha bartered her singing skills for a shared room. Convenient, since we were flat broke after fleeing Ashnor. We asked around, and found the tough’s boss. He confirmed he had two guards that had gone missing. Eldeth figured it might be some spell, and asked the barkeep whether he knew any mage. Turned out there was this dwarf sorcerer that liked to hang around, and we asked him about it. THE DWARF WAS A HALF-TRAINED SAVAGE, BARELY ABLE TO CONTROL EVEN THE SIMPLEST SPELL. OBVIOUSLY, HE WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO HELP ME IN ANY WAY. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SMOTHERED AS A BABE. Said he’d get back to us. We figured our only lead was Lexand, so we went to the bridge to the noble ward. Should have remembered; they always were fussy about letting people in on their side of the river.

When we came back to the inn, we had a little surprise party waiting for us. One of the syndicate’s capos paid us a visit, warned us about stirring up trouble. HIS LIFE FORCE WOULD BE SO EASY TO SNUFF. THREATENING ME IS AS SLITTING HIS OWN WRISTS. He wasn’t as persuasive as he had hoped, but we’re not really dung farmers, either. He will be trouble in the end, though, I just feel it. Anyway, Aviendha decided to forge a letter of introduction to use that to persuade the guards to let us cross the bridge. I went along as her bodyguard, and we had to take the mute as well since apparently he had some business with Lord Lexand. He posed as a cleric; sure to grab attention in this town.

We crossed the bridge easily enough this time. THE GUARDS WERE AS EASY TO FOOL AS NEWLY-DEAD LARVAE. THEY DESERVE THIS WRETCHED CITY. We went to Lexand’s mansion and actually got to have a chat with him. Seemed like a reasonable sort. The mute tried to signal me something, but I can never tell what he really wants. Wish I had; he locked the door, shut out all sounds with some monk mumbo jumbo and fucking punched the guy to death with his bare hands! Barely had time to summon my glaive; it was over before I knew it. Fucking moron. I slammed the butt of my glaive in the side of his head and got a very satisfying crack. We had to leg it though, before someone found us. We escaped through the window and back over the bridge.

Later that night I decided to try and work my way into the syndicate, I found one of the capos, a halfling named Riffolk, in an inn where I knew the syndicate hangs out. They were pretty reluctant, but when I hinted that I might know where ‘Stedd’ was, they were pretty interested. Not really sure yet how I’m gonna play that angle. I want to work my way up to Perrin; killing mid-level capos might be satisfying, but it isn’t gonna help me that much. BY THE NINE HELLS, THEY WILL BEG TO DIE BEFORE THE END. In the meantime, the others had had some more luck with the merchant; they had a look around his warehouse and Rhogash found some magic trinket which might be related to the market place incident; merchant said he’d got it on the road to Hugain. We might look into that as well."

DM's log sessie 6

De helden gaan door de portal en komen aan op de heuvels bij Hugain. Na een korte wandeling komen ze aan bij de stadspoort, waar ze goed in de gaten worden gehouden door een aantal duistere figuren. Even verderop zijn ze op een plein getuige van een boerenhandelaar die wordt lastig gevallen door twee thugs. Eldeth twijfelt niet en grijpt in. Snel komen er meer mensen bij die hen aanvallen, waaronder iemand die qua vechtstijl erg op Mark lijkt. Deze vlucht al snel, en als dan de eerste vijanden tegen de grond gaan kiezen ook de anderen eieren voor hun geld. Een van de thugs is knock-out geslagen, en als hij bijkomt herinnert hij zich niets van wat er gebeurd is. Na enig zoekwerk op het plein gaan de helden richting een inn. Stedd weet dat er een inn is vlakbij de buurt waar de overheid nog enige invloed heeft, en aangezien ze met iemand met enige invloed willen spreken, lijkt dat ze een goede optie. Ze komen aan bij de Golden Axe, waar de dwerg Gilli ze hartelijk welkom heet.Aviendha kan haar overtuigen dat ze in ruil voor een optreden elke avond voorlopig kosteloos mogen verblijven. ’s Avonds ontmoeten ze Thrinan Thundershine, die regelmatig in de Golden Axe komt drinken. Hij ziet aan Gloriea dat zij net als hij een Wild Magic Sorcerer is. En uiteraard kan hij het goed vinden met Eldeth. Stedd gaat ondertussen op zoek naar criminele contacten in de stad en heeft een gesprek met Riffolk.
De volgende dag proberen de helden toegang te krijgen tot de rijke buurt. Bij de brug houden wachters hen tegen en geven aan dat vreemdelingen alleen met een goede reden de wijk in mogen. Na overleg besluiten ze dat Aviendha zich kan voordoen als edelvrouw, met Mark en Stedd als begeleiders. Eventueel kan de rest van de party voor afleiding zorgen. Ze weten de wachters bij de brug te overtuigen en gaan naar de woning van Lord Lexand. Aviendha probeert in een gesprekje het nodige van hem te weten te komen, tot Mark tot ieders verbazing de Lord in een klap dood slaat. Ongezien vluchten de helden uit een raam en gaan terug naar de inn. De volgende dag is de stad in rep en roer, en gaan de helden op zoek naar een volgende uitdaging!

Journal entry #4
Caged, freed, flamed and travels

SO…I woke up after the betrayel of Anton in a small cell, pitch dark and alone this time. There was some muffling sounds and whispers here and there and I knew I was not the only one captured. Seems like the whole group was caged up, again, though instead of 1 bigger cell, we all got seperate ones. Our guards didn’t enlighten us much of where we were, but after a while someone came by with some food and told us to be ready to be freed. I decided to meditate a bit, trying to save my strenght and be ready when the oppertunity presented itself.
At some point there was some ruckus and suddenly the human presented himself calling out for healing. Seemed like he was battling the jailors. I healed him some and off he went again, though soon after this we were able to free ourselves and try to get out of this dark place. There is something strange with that human, I can’t put my finger on it, but his strenghts and abilities are not those of normal human-beings.
We found a tunnel entrance in one of the empty cells and decided that would be our way out. A muddy cave awaited us on the other end of the tunnel where we encountered some mudmonsters. They had this nasty mud they flung all over the place and if you got caught in it, it made sure you couldn’t move, though once dried up, it was harmless.
After we were done with the mudmonsters, we found another cavern, filled with moss and green lush stuff. Piles of snakes seemed to have made this place their home and were not willing to let us pass without a fight. The fight became a lot more harder when Gloria’s magic decided to go crazy on us. First she threw out a fireball (and I have never seen her do that), which made sure about half half of the party was taking a dirt nap and after that it started summoning all kinds of critters and beasts, while she was downed.
In the end we managed though, slaying all the snakes that attacked us and helping up everyone who was down (the unicorn was a big help there). But soon after, our next challenge awaited us, though not as tricky as we just lived through. Two enormous bugs were blocking our way and needed to be dealt with. Soon after this we found the way out and were greeted with herbalist who helped us earlier before, I believe her name was Pheramon or something. She told us the city wasn’t save for us anymore and we needed to get to a protal which whould take us far from here. We had to choice to go either to see an elven island, where the elves weren’t very keen on outsiders, a dwarven fortress of some sort or a human place called Hugain. After some debating, we decided to go to Hugain.
But as if things weren’t hectic and bloddy enough for one day, one last obstacle stood in our way. It seemed like a living tree and some his friends were intend on stopping us. We dealt with them fast and smooth, showing me that as a group we seemed to be realy comming together.
Now we’re about to step through the portal, hoping to grow and get stronger and someday, hopefully soon, get back to the city and free them from the evil that is creeping up there and take revenge on Anton.

Stedd's adventure log 2015-03-22

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“Caged. Like a fucking animal. Betrayed. I felt the rage burn up inside me, like an old friend. But it scared me, too. What I feel then… I don’t want to think about what it means, what I am… What I can do… How much I could make Alton fucking Danesh suffer for what he did to me. I THOUGHT ABOUT THE TWO DWARF JAILERS, THEIR INSIPID TINY MINDS LIKE LITTLE MOTES OF LIGHT… I IMAGINED A MILLION WAYS TO KILL THEM… I STOLE THEIR FACES, AND IMAGINED HOW THEY WOULD CONTORT WHILE I STRANGLE THEM WITH MY BARE HANDS Again the rage welled up, filling my mind with blood. I paced around the cell, checking the door yet again but finding it secure. Eldeth suggested trying to pick the lock with the poncy elf’s hairpin. Pretty clever, for her. She pouted a lot about it, but the elf got me her hairpin. Better locks than last time though, so no luck. One broke, too. Oh well.

Two of them came to fill our slop buckets. I TOOK THE FACE OF ONE OF THE DWARFS, BUT THEY DIDN’T TAKE THE BAIT. THEY PASSED A LOCKPICK TO THE MONGREL THOUGH, BUT HE WAS AS ARROGANT AS HIS BLOOD IS THIN. HE DISAPPEARED AROUND THE CORNER, AND WAS CARRIED BLOODIED AND BEATEN BACK TO HIS CELL. USELESS. I FOCUSED MY RAGE ON THE JAILER. THE APE COULDN’T REACH INTO THE CELL, SO I KEPT BURNING HIS SOUL. THE CAPRICIOUS HALF-ELF REACHED INTO THEIR MINDS TO KEEP THEM AT BAY, AND I EASILY OUTMANEUVERED THE LUMBERING OAFS WHEN THEY FINALLY OPENED THE CELL. MY RAGE BURNED AS A BONFIRE AS I BURNED BOTH THEIR BODIES AND THEIR SOULS, EASILY AVOIDING THEIR CLUMSY ATTACKS AS THE WEAKLING HIGHBORN FROZE THEIR FRAGILE MINDS. As they fell, I grabbed one of their maces and smashed in their head. I kept smashing, and smashing, and smashing. Then I felt it. I mean, I had felt it before, but now I could recognize it for what it was. The rage. I could feel something looking through my eyes, drinking in the fading life essence of the dwarfs. I felt its spite, and its rage. I know it knows I can feel it…

It lay dormant for a while… We gathered our belongings, and escaped through a tunnel in one of the cells. We crawled through them for hells know how long. We ended up in a cave, where we were attacked by huge insects. Not much of a problem, and it felt good to focus on something else, without my mind wandering. We moved on, into a fungus covered room where we were attacked by hordes of tiny snakes. We waded into them, but something WAS WRONG. MY FIRE SHIELD WAS ALMOST FAST ENOUGH. IT SAVED ME, THOUGH BARELY, FROM THE FIREBALL BEHIND ME. HELLS TAKE THE ELF WITCH. I HAVE TOO MUCH INVESTED IN THIS TO BE BANISHED NOW. As I came to, I felt like I had been drinking. I hurt all over, and there were two little yellow one-eyed sphere things next to the poncy elf. I knew she must be responsible for the fireball. A loose cannon. Then a unicorn appeared. A fucking bloody unicorn. Then she disappeared. Then she reappeared. It was insane. Once everything was sort of back to normal, we carried on. I stood well away from the elf. Not sure what to make of her; she’s powerful, even I can sense that, but what use is that power if she can’t control it.

We reached the surface, and found the elf herbalist, Farona, waiting for us. She was with a hooded man. I recognized him, though I know nobody else did. He is with the Nine. He passed me the blood drinking wand. I am not sure why they would be working together, and really, I don’t care. They told us a bunch of stuff about the bloody statues; apparently, Alton couldn’t remove them himself but needed a bunch of stooges to remove them for him. I WON’T KILL HIM. I WILL FLAY HIM. I WILL KEEP HIM ALIVE THROUGH ALL OF IT. I WILL TAKE HIS TONGUE. HIS EYES. HIS DICK. HIS FINGERS. EVERYTHING. I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING. HE WILL FEEL EVERYTHING. It wants this. I know it. But I don’t care. I want it, too. I want him to suffer. I want him to suffer forever.

Farona and the cultist took us to a grove. On the way, we had to do some woodcutting on some tree thing. It burned like kindling in a fire. We reached the grove. It had a portal. They told us it led to three cities, a dwarven city, an elven city, and Hugain. I knew I couldn’t go back. Perrin is still there, and he wants my head. We discussed whether it was to be the elven or the dwarven city. But then it told me. It told me a way to hide who I was. It taught me to change my face. Good trick. We decided to go to Hugain. THERE WAS ONE THING LEFT TO DO. THE CULTIST FOOL HAD BEEN STARING AT ME ALL THE TIME. I TOOK HIM AWAY FROM THE REST. I TOLD HIM WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF ANYONE WOULD EVER KNOW ABOUT ME. He had better believe me. I will kill him, if I must. Nobody can ever know. We went through the portal, to Hugain."

Glorea's Diary Fifth Part

Today was terrible..And I know everyday was terrible so far with these weird party I’m in now and all the disgusting things we fought..but today was terribly different..I just start from the beginning..

I woke up in a dark cell, for the first time I felt really lucky when I heard the yelling voice of that stupid dwarf! I’m glad I was not alone! (never thought I would say this..Oh my god!) But then the awkward Red Stedd instantly spoiled my happiness by using my expensive hairpin to lockpick his cell! HOW COULD HE? AND WHY ALWAYS USING MY PRECIOUS STUFF? Then there was only silence (at least I couldn’t hear the dwarf yelling..) And finally I used my famous Ray of Frost and killed the guards. Ofcourse I did. Then we escaped through a a small hole and we walked in some really smutty and soiled mud beasts. Why aren’t there any sweet looking and nice smelling things we can fight? Why always so disgusting..I really really hate mud on my dress! I don’t know what happened to me , but I missed the mud-thingies with my Ray of Frost (I think it’s the smell that was distracting me..) Finally we killed the inappropriate things and I cleaned everybody from the terrible mud on their clothes. But after that there was ofcourse a large centipide who could’nt win a beautycontest EVER! Luckily my Witch Bolt put an end to his misery..

But then..In a nasty room with FUNGHUS and snakes all over the place…something really strange happened to me…My magic, the magic I’m really proud of..TURNED BACK AGAINST ME! All I can remember was a huge warm fireball came out of my hands and then suddenly everything was dark… After some time I saw some glowing light.. was I dead? Was it the end of the tunnel to another life? Then there was mist and everything got hazy..Finally I woke up….There were two silly looking beings with one eye looking at me and I saw wounded people,OH MY lORD!! WHAT DID I DO?? This couldn’t be me… And to make it all more confusing there appeared a beautiful looking unicorn (finally a beautiful creature..) Was I dreaming? I felt really better after the unicorn spread some light over me, but the wild magic inside me didn’t stop and I suddenly was in a really strange white place with nothing at all. Maybe I was going to die now..OH MY, WHY ME? And again I was in another white and empty place. When I opened my eyes, I was at the Funghus place again. The tiefling and the dwarf were looking very angry at me.. I wish I could vanish again………

I feel really confused now. What if I’m the evil which I wanted to banish out of the world so gladly! What if there is no way to save the honour of my perfect elf family..because I have no pure blood at all…Am I dangerous? How can I trust my magic again..and more important : How can I trust myself?

Eldeth's diary (4)

Eldeth Bloodsteel:

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear… I don’t dear much, but when I’ve been doing silly stuff I do… I made a huge mistake today. But don’t lemme get ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning, we came back from retrieving the latest statue and I just had to talk to someone about Red’s funny eye-fire-shooting-business. Figured that Alton was pretty trustworthy (STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!) anways…. I told him, he thought it sounded very interesting, not disturbing, interesting… (Oh no, no clues or ringing bells here… I am so… graaaah!!). Ok enough with the guilt, first the story!

Apparently Red and Avhiendha found out that the next statue was supposed to be on some island, so we set out to go there. Which wasn’t as easy as it sounded, the sailors were pretty anxious about going there, something about that noone who ever went there returned. Load of fairytales if you tell me, so we managed to talk a sailor some sense in his bones, that he would be heralded a hero if he would take us there. So he did, we can be quite persuasive sometimes! So we went aboard with some of his men. We soon found out why those sailors were anxious, it wasn’t an island, it was a keep on water! A keep containing some very skilled bowsmen! They started shooting at us, and fired at the crew. I even had to take over the helm (which I wasn’t very bad at, if I may say so myself). It was rather tricky, but thanks to the skills of our group we managed to shoot a few people and keep most of the crew relatively safe (would be rather shamefull if the crew died after we talked them into taking us to the keep in the first place!)

After docking we tried to get into the keep, me and Red climbed the walls, the others were soon to follow, except for miss-whine-a-lot who didn’t want to get her pretty manicured hands dirty, or break a bloody nail or something… Anyways we got to the other side of the wall when I heard dogs… and the funniest thing happend, I never minded dogs much, but now… I just had this… I dunno… I guess I can best describe it as ‘hissing’ sound in my head, as if I had that black panther in my head again. Well made me want to kill those damn dogs a lot faster! Which we did, little miss-oooooh-I-don’t-want-to-climb-the-wall decided to join us after all. So after that first fight we went to look for the statue. We found some sort of throne room with a lock, but no key yet. So, went looking for the key, some guard had it (guard didn’t survive our finding the key, hehe). Opened the lock, there was this stair leading down. Looked like a good place to look for a hidden statue. Well it was a good place until we walked into this huge big cube of Jell-O! Our mute friend walked into it, started oozing our way, it actually kinda vaccuumed me up…. yuck and ouch! But we killed it (of course we did, cause we’re kinda awesome!) Well… awesome, maybe not so much… oh getting ahead of myself again. Anyway, we pushed ahead and found this catlike-tentacled creature that was guarding another statue (hope this is the last, getting kinda tired of these things without knowing what they do!) And we killed that catty beast and then…. the lights went out, it went completely and utterly dark. I usually can handle dark… but not this. Last thing I heard before getting smacked on the head was that dreadful, sickening humming… DAMN YOU ALTON!!! DAMN TRAITOR!!!


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