Overly Dramatic

Stedd's adventure log 2015-02-15

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“Well, we found where the next statue is, I guess. In the middle of a lake. Great. Well, we headed back to Alton’s place to get some rest. At least my head hurt a lot less in the morning. The spike, at least, I still got a headache from Eldeth who really can’t leave well enough alone I guess. Damn it, I don’t go complaining whenever she starts frothing at the mouth again, do I? IF SHE KNOWS WHAT’S GOOD FOR HER, SHE’LL STOP POKING HER UGLY DWARF NOSE WHERE IT DOESN’T BELONG, BEFORE I CUT IT OFF. She did seem genuinely concerned though, but to be fair I wouldn’t really know what to tell her anyway, I barely understand any of it myself.

Anyway, we needed a boat to get to the bloody island. So, to the harbour. Turns out the lot of ’em there are all cowards, and no one would ferry us to the island. Bunch of moaning and whining really. I COULD HAVE GIVEN THEM A GOOD REASON TO BE AFRAID. BUT NOT YET. HE IS NOT READY YET. … Err, yeah, anyway, after a bit of pushing one of them decided to find his spine and take us to the island.

Turns out the island isn’t really an island, but a full blown keep. As we approached the docks, one of the snipers almost took out one of the crewmen. Eldeth protected the crew while Aviendha, the poncy elf and mysekf decided to give the bastards a taste of their own medicine. As for the mute, he was doing some circus act. Bit strange but eh. THE COWARDS HID BEHIND THEIR LITTLE WALL. THREE OF THEM DIED SCREAMING ALL THE SAME. THE FOURTH RAN SCREAMING. NOT QUITE AS AMUSING. Well, we managed to get the boat to the dock. Time to sack a keep.

Over the wall we went, and I was going to open the gate for Miss Prissy Pants who didn’t want her damn gown to get dirty when Eldeth got mauled by some dogs. Fuck that, she can climb the wall like the rest of us. Went to kill the dogs and their handlers. Not so tough without a wall. We went on to check the place; found a kitchen and the keep’s fort, which had a pretty weird lock. Well, no key, no luck, so we went on with our search and guess what, we found a bunch of city guard in the barracks. Probably not really city guard eh, shooting at us law abiding folks. I BATHED IN THEIR BLOOD, FEEDING ON THEIR LIFE FORCE. I CAN FEEL MY POWER GROWING. Turned out they weren’t really city guard, their leader was some kind of weird shape shifter. He did have the key to the lock in the keep though, so all’s good.

We went down into the dungeon below the keep. Seemed clean enough, really, must have really good cleaners down here. Heh. The mute decided to do a bit of scouting, into a bloody goo cube. Looked like it hurt. He managed to get through it though, while we hacked at it. Easy enough to hit. Sort of like jello, really. Anyway, around the corner we found two of the damnable spirit things we fought before, and a statue that came to life. SUCH AN EXOTIC ESSENCE. I CARESSED IT WITH A GENTLE CURSE, AND THEN HACKED IT TO BITS OF STONE. SUCH AN EXQUISITE FLAVOUR. Guess the statue was a bit crumbly. Also, good news! The poncy elf actually found a spell that seems to do anything useful! She summoned a bolt of thunder which blew up one of the spirits. My head’s still ringing though.

And there it was, the next statue! Oh, right, and there was this six legged cat like thing with tentacles as well. Shifty thing, that, couldn’t quite see where it was. AGAIN, THE ACCURSED HALFBREED THIEF STOLE THE STATUE. TOMORROW, I WILL TAKE THE STATUES FROM HIM. I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER. Had a good bash at the beast, as well, bit of luck really to hit it squarely but in the end it did go down all the same. So, time to head home.

Then, someone snuck up on me and hit me over the head. I lashed out at it with the fire thing, which felt strangely satisfying. Funny, though, everyone else was fumbling about. Like they were all struck blind… I was going to slash the prick open who hit me, but as I turned my limbs turned to lead; I couldn’t move… There was this annoying, familiar whistling. Guess who. Fucking Alton Danesh had been playing us for chumps. When I get out of here, I will cut him up, I swear it. BY THE NINE HELLS, I SWEAR IT. I WILL GUT HIM, STRING HIM UP BY HIS BALLS AND PARADE HIS HEAD THROUGH THE STREETS. I WILL… NO… IT CANNOT BE… HE CANNOT BE… NO… NO!

3rd day
Crypts and murder

It felt good having a few days off, taking some time to reflect and get to know the others a bit better. But things were stewing and it didn’t take long before one of our clues paid out. A countess who seemed to be a real historybuff should be able to tell us more about the statues. We went to her house only to find out she had been murdered. I decided to call in the guards and report the murder, though I have a feeling it’s all connected with the statues.
Red had some sort of wand though with which he could lead us to the other statues, so we decided to use this to see if we could find out more. (I’m not asking too much questions about the wand and it workings, I got a feeling I might not realy like the answer to those questions).
We were led to a graveyard where some strange balls of light attacked us. They were a lot tougher then they seemed, but we managed stay alive and enter some crypts. Here we encountered undeads, ranging from skeletons to zombies. Some of us almost died, but we managed to stay in one piece more or less. After clearing a few rooms and being on our last legs, we encountered the room where the statue was held. It was guarded by a large ogery undead. The battle was pretty tough since we used most of our spells and all of us were pretty hurt, but we managed to pull through.
Now we have a third statue and according to Red there are even more. After our encounter with the undeads most of us decided to call it a day and head home for some rest, while Red and Avienda are scouting to see where the quest for the statues would bring us the next day.
After a bath and a meal I decided to turn in. It wasn’t a quiet night for me though. My dreams were chaotic and filled with flashes of darkness and chaos. I awoke early before all the others and was filled with an urgency to go to the temple of Bahamuth. I left the house quietly to not wake anyone up and set out to get see what it all could mean.

Mark's diary (3)
Not alone?

Darkness, silence, they have an appeal to me like nothing I can describe. My time off was useful. I honed my skills, I enjoyed the silence of the woods. I must remain alert though, lest I let the darkness draw me in too far.

Farona told us the statues were linked to the cities past somehow. What seemed to be unclear and required more research, something does not feel right about this. Gloriea seemed to have a lead with a local countess for more information. As we set out to visit her house one of the passer by on the red square suddenly turned into some kinds of undead creature and to top it off, disembodied hands started to crawl out of every nook and cranny and started assulting people. The battle was short, but the impact was high. Suddenly everyone everywhere could just drop undead? The problem at hand is bigger then I thought.

We found the countess murdered after we broke into her house, the abscence of anyone in the house was worrying enough to justify this minor transgression. From what I heard, Red seemed to have had a wand with him which he dipped in the blood of the deceased countess, disturbing, I must keep an eye on him, perhaps he is the one who made the townsfolk suddenly turn? He was there… The paladin went to go and get the authorities involved, I decided to follow him to make that he did not do anything stupid. We did take a few too many liberties in aquiring the information that we had. Turns out the big man is good at telling just enough to keep things going smoothly, did not think that would go that well. We even got thanked by guards.

After we leave, Stedd says he knows where the other statues are. He says we should follow him and his new wand. This ofcourse set off a string of bad puns from the bard, how expected. Something does not sit right here, where did he aquire this wand? Why does he know these statues? And why is everyone agreeing to follow him now blindly? I strengthen my mind, searching for magical influences on me, I find none. The world must be going mad, surely. We follow the wand to a graveyard out of town and are attacked by two little balls of light. The sorceress immediatly drops on the first hit, we manage to keep her safe though. Perhaps her fragile demenor does have some small bit of truth in it, she really cannot take a hit.

The wand takes us inside one of the crypts, naturally populated by undead. Oddly enough, there actually is another one of those statues present here. Again, it had a guardian. Again I take the statue straight away. During the fight Red lit up like a candle when the thing hit him. He pointed his finger and from it a gout of flame engulfed the thing. I have seen this, I know this. What he did, feels familiar, I feel it inside of me too. Could it be? Could he be a tiefling too? It would explain this, it could explain how he got the wand, his ties to his ancestors are much stronger then mine then. But he does not have any horns, or a tail… A glamour? It would have to be a strong one. I will have to keep my eye on him… closely.

Glorea's Diary Third Part

Well..another day passed by and I think I shall never experience the comfort and spotless life again which I had in my lovely past. SIGH…I DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS! Especially when the bard makes her very inappropriate jokes about wands and the dwarf laughs at everything..oh my god! I miss my family, my bath, my juwelry and a nice place to sleep and a place where finally someone treat me like a goddess! Hopefully I can purify the world from all evil and squalor and then return to my homeplace.

Today was terrible, first we had to go in a boat…a floating wooden wreck to go to some creepy island in the middle of nowhere. Then there were bowmen who shoot at us (My dress! They almost pierced it!) I payed them back with my missile darts and because of me we won the fight (ofcourse..)

DM's log sessie 4

Stedd en Aviendha hebben met behulp van de wand ongeveer de plek gevonden waar het volgende beeldje moet zijn, een klein eiland in het meer, een buitenpost van de stadswacht. Als ze de volgende dag een eigenaar van een schip vragen of hij ze er heen wil brengen is hij eerst huiverig, al een paar jaar lang is er niemand veilig terug gekomen van het eiland. Na veel praten en inspelen op zijn gevoel van moed of het gebrek daaraan, weten de helden hem te overtuigen ze er heen te brengen. In de buurt van het eiland worden ze beschoten door boogschutters, mede door de stuurvrouwskunsten van Eldeth en de goede samenwerking tussen de rest slagen ze erin om aan land te komen. Eenmaal op het eiland klimmen ze over de muren heen en vinden ze hun weg naar binnen. Ze verslaan een Doppelganger, vermond als kapitein van de stadswacht en vinden een magische sleutel. In de keep vinden ze hiermee de weg naar de kelder. Na eerst bijna te zijn verzwolgen door een Gelatinous Cube, vinden ze een Displacer Beast die het beeldje bewaakt. Als ze het beeldje hebben gepakt en het beest hebben verslagen wordt het volledig donker, en waar de rest alleen kan horen dat Alton ze heeft verraden, ziet Stedd de gloed in zijn ogen als hij dat doet…

Stedd's adventure log 2015-01-31

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“I thought I wouldn’t find out much when I went to investigate the Cult of the Nine, but it seems they have taken an interest in me. Not sure how happy I am about that, to be honest. THEY ARE BUT FOOLS. USEFUL FOOLS, DABBLING IN POWERS THEY BARELY UNDERSTAND, BUT FOOLS NONETHELESS. They got a message to me, though, seem to think we’re on the same side somehow. Doubt that. They seem pretty confused, rambling about powers I am supposed to have. Bullshit. The only power I have is cutting people.

The message also contaned a weird little wand, and here is where it gets really creepy. Apparently I can find more of the weird black statues by fucking dipping the wand in the blood of innocents. I’m no damn murderer. Creeps. THOUGH PERHAPS I MIGHT MAKE AN … EXCEPTIONOCCASIONALLY. … Eh. Not a murderer. Not sure what they’re on about. They’re making my head hurt.

Anyway, a few days later we got a message from Farona that she apparently had figured something out about the dead plants we found. Went on our way, had to pass by the Red Square. That’s when shit really got weird. Some random guy just … died. Wouldn’t stay dead, either. Some ghoul or something. And then there were a bunch of … hands attacking people. Didn’t seem like much of a threat, so I went for the ghoul. It scratched me good, though. I BURNED IT FOR THAT. BURNED IT TO A HELLS DAMNED CRISP. SUCH A SWEET SOUND Not really sure why that happened, or why it felt so good… This is starting to freak me out.

Turned out Farona really couldn’t tell us much. Yeah, the plants were dead. You think? A child could have seen that. THAT MEWLING ELF. COULDN’T SHE HAVE WRITTEN THAT IN THE NOTE? CURSE HER. Fancied herself a bit of an arcanist as well, it seems. The statyes aren’t evil, apparently, but tied to the history of the city. Not so sure about that. I don’t know why, but I feel the statues are more than they seem. Anyway, the poncy elf had made herself slightly useful, and talked to some other poncy countess or something, and apparently they would know stuff. Sure, let’s go.

So we got to the place, totally boarded up. Went around back to pick the back door without half the city watch noticing, and we got in. Except the mute, seems he doesn’t care much for this kind of thing. Don’t know what his problem is. He might know, but he’s not telling. Anyway, we found the countess upstairs. Obvious why she didn’t open; she got cut but good. A DEAD INNOCENT. CONVENIENT. NOT AS … SATISFYING, PERHAPS, BUT IT WILL HAVE TO DO FOR NOW. I CANNOT RISK TOO MUCH YET. THE WAND DRANK DEEPLY OF HER BLOOD, AND BESTOWED A VISION UPON ME. Got my hand well bloody, but the damn wand looked spotless as the day I got it. Felt like a spike jabbed in my brain, pointing me to the south west. The damn Cult didn’t tell me this would hurt so much.

That’s when Rhogash decided to be a good upstanding citizen, and get the guard. Not the brighest bulb. We just broke into the lady’s manor, she’s dead, I got her blood all over my hands. Guess they don’t teach common sense at paladin school. Luckily, the two guards that showed up were pretty dim as well and we got them off our back quite easily. A SHAME. KILLING THEM WOULD HAVE TAKEN MY MIND OFF THE DAMN SPIKE IN MY HEAD.

So we went to the south west, out of town, towards the old cemetary. As we got closer, the damn spike got more painful. It just couldn’t be a voice or something guiding me, could it. Damn that cult. ONCE THEY SERVE THEIR PURPOSE, I WILL TAKE PLEASURE IN GUTTING THEM AND LEAVING THEIR CORPSES FOR THE DOGS. As we got there, we got ambushed by some damn witch lights. Not a lot of trouble, but poncy elf and talky elf got it good. Hope they learn to keep up their guard better next time, their carelessness could kill us all.

The spike pointed me towards a crypt, and we entered. We fought some ghosts; weapons were pretty pointless. I HAD NO TIME FOR THIS. I NEEDED TO FIND THE STATUE. I FOCUSED MY RAGE INTO BOLTS OF DARKNESS TO SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR LITTLE HELL. Ok, seriously getting creeped out here now. The Cult must have done something to me. I will have answers from them. Not now, I need to find that statue first before my head splits.

We went further down the crypt, and of course, there had to be zombies. And skeletons. Eldeth was taking a pretty good beating, but she gave as good as she got. A fierce fighter, that one. I went for the skeleton archers in the back. MY BLADE DRANK DEEPLY OF THEIR LIFE ESSENCE. NOT AS GOOD AS A LIVING SOUL, BUT IT WOULD HAVE TO DO. I felt great. I felt like I could take on the world.

We pushed on, possibly too far. More skeletons, one on horseback. Pretty silly indoors, but undeniably effective. A close call. One of them got me good, and Eldeth too, but Rhogash was as a force of nature, standing firm and keeping us alive through the thick of it. AH, BAHAMUT. YOU HAVE TRAINED YOUR PAWNS WELL, BUT THEIR POWER IS BUT A FLICKER COMPARED TO THE FIRE I WIELD.

I felt we were nearly there. My headache was almost unbearable, but we needed the rest. We pushed on. I needed to be done with this. It needed to end. More damn undead. An ogre, with a massive club. I COULD TAKE IT NO MORE. THE POWER INSIDE ME HAD TO GET OUT. I CURSED THE OGRE, DARK WITCH LIGHTS CONSUMING HIS FLESH. It was slow though, and my blade felt guided somehow… where I hit it, darkness filled the rents in its flesh, and together, we killed it.

The mute had had different plans though, it seemed. He had taken the statue before even joining the fight. HE CAN HAVE IT, FOR NOW. I KNOW WHERE IT IS. I WILL TAKE IT WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. HE WILL NOT SCREAM, ANYWAY. The pain in my head went away, a small throb compared to the blade in my skull it had become. It pointed somewhere else, now. Most of the group went for a rest, and I needed one as well, but I also need to find where the next statue is before I can no longer feel it. I went off to find it, and the talky elf, Aviendha, joined me to search for it."

Eldeth's diary (3)

Eldeth Bloodsteel:

Argh… cannot stand those moldy smelly books anymore, stupid library, not helpful in any way. I quit. Good thing we got a note this morning from Farona telling us we should head over there as soon as possible. So we did and she told us that the statues themselves weren’t evil. So no wonder I didn’t find anything on them in the silly books. Although there might be something historical about them, but she would look into it for us, so no need to go back to those useless books.

Turned out that the noble elf, Gloriea put herself to good use for a change, she found out that some countess could perhaps prove helpful, so we decided to pay her a visit. However, when passing the Red Square we had a not so pleasant visit from… walking hands… this stuff gets crazier by the minute! There was also this guy who got turned into something undead or another. In the middle of the day there were walking hands on the square!! They also killed one of the people living in the city. We smashed them soon enough though, but this happening appears to make our quest all the more urgent!

However, we still were on our way to the countess. Although, that was the plan, but when I knocked on the door, no one answered, I knocked louder, still no one. I told ‘Red’ to pick the lock, but he said it might be better to do that at the back door, so all of us (except for that mute guy and the dragonborn) went around the back to have a look. No one was visible so Red indeed picked the lock and we had a look inside. After looking around for a bit I found the poor lady in her bed soaked in blood, not a pretty sight. And I don’t know why, but all of a sudden Red soaks some kind of wand in the blood, and that wand soaked up the blood leaving it dry on the outside. Magic stuff, seems shady, don’t really like that magicky hocus pocus stuff…. We decided to have a bit more of a look around the house and we found the rest of the household in the cellar… dead. I dunno what kinda creep is doing this, but he (or she) does not back away from killing people. When we headed out it turned out that the mute and the dragonborn went around and called some guards of the city, crazy guys, after breaking and entering telling the guards that we found dead people… stupid guys…. But they let us leave, so that was good.

When we headed out Red said we should head a certain way, that he had an idea of where the next statue would be, freaky!! But hell, I didn’t have a better idea, so it sounded as good as any. At some point we got to a graveyard and all of a sudden two light creatures showed up, shiny bity things, they hurt the two ladies quite badly. So we jumped in and killed them. Sneaky shinies that attacked us from the back, that’s no way to fight, treacherous stuff.

Anyway, headed into the crypt after that, hoping to find some answers instead of questions. Well… not sure if we found answers, what we did find were a whole bunch of undead creatures. Zombies, ghasts and whatnots. Place gave me the creeps! Oh and who else was kinda creepy: Red! I only realise now that during the fight he had some sort of blazy look in his eyes and set one of the undead on fire. I was at times too busy fighting them off and taking blows to actually take that part in, but come to think of it, he is no magicky guy, so why the fire. I don’t get it… I thought he was at least partly trustworthy, but this seems shadier than some of his ‘friends’. Come to think of it, the part that he wouldn’t tell us who he got the wand from adds to the shadiness. Need to keep an eye on him. Or maybe just ask him, dunno yet. Or perhaps ask Alton. The others are not keen to trust him, but then again, he did put them through some trouble. He seems nice enough to me, so maybe I’ll check with him on this.

Ah yeah the undead, we smashed quite a few bones and dying flesh, got really badly hurt at times, but nothing I can’t handle or haven’t been through before. Quite grateful to the dragonborn, Rhogash, though for patching me up several times, might have to be nicer to him. After the fights we found another statue, so at least the wand led us properly! So even though the source of the wand is shady, at least it worked. The dragonborn even found a nice shield and the mute some gay elvish boots, never know what you can find in a musty stinky crypt!

Red insisted that he wanted to follow the wand some more, guess it only works for a limited time. I needed a rest however, gave it my all in those fights. Getting very curious, and at the same time quite scared what this quest will lead to.

Oh yeah and during the night I had the strangest dreams, I mentioned earlier that there was a picture of a black panther behind my eyes whenever I closed them, well that panther visited me in my sleep. But somehow this was not scary, it was comforting in a way. It was as if the panther asked me to follow her. It was a soothing dream and I woke up very refreshed. It was as if the panther became a part of me. I mean I am no girl for hocuspocus magic stuff, but this seems real, part of who I am. I dunno, I guess I would be scared of this if someone had told me about it beforehand, but I am not scared of this. I wonder how this ‘companion’ will aid me, because I feel quite sure that in a way it will.

Sessie 3

De helden onderzoeken een aantal verschillende aanwijzingen. Farona vertelt dat de beeldjes zelf niet evil zijn, en dat ze iets belangrijks in de geschiedenis van de stad betekenen. Gloriea is uitgenodigd bij Gravin Palendra Carranza, zij zou meer weten over de gebeurtenissen in de stad. Als ze daar aankomen is het huis verlaten, uiteindelijk vinden ze hun weg naar binnen en vinden de gravin, vermoord in haar bed. Stedd pakt een kleine staf erbij en doopt deze voordat de anderen kunnen reageren in het bloed van de gravin. Hij vertelt dat hij deze heeft gekregen en hem kan vertellen waar de beeldjes zijn. Ze volgen hem naar een begraafplaats aan de rand van de stad. Ze worden buiten aangevallen door 2 Will-‘o-Wisps. Binnen in de crypte verslaan ze verschillende ondode wezens. Als ze helemaal uitgeput zijn vinden ze in een grote kamer een zwart beeldje, bewaakt door een ogre zombie. Ze pakken snel het beeldje weg en verslaan de zombies. ’Red’ Stedd Darvinson gaat samen Aviendha Songsteel kijken waar zijn staf hem heen brengt voor het volgende beeldje, de andere vier gaan uitrusten.

Journal entry #2
Second day

Today was a lot less actionpacked as yesterday. First off we went to a temple of poseidon, trying to find out more about the disappearances around town. FIrst we decided to try and find out more about the temple and the people working there, but all we found out was an innkeeper who dabbled in some smuggling, illegal, but nothing worth allerting the authorities on. We decided to visit the temple and just ask the high-priestess there head on if she knew anything that caused the disappearances. She denies knowing anything, though she wasn’t able to persuade us totally of her ignorance. The half elf (or half human, still undecided on if it’s one or the other) found a few keys to maybe the basement of the temple. We waited till night to see what we could find under the temple.
We entered the basement and found some guards. We took them out pretty quickly and even managed to capture a few of them alive. Not that it did us much good, for they didn’t know anything that could help us. They seemed to be guarding a hallway of some sort that led to a room filled with a small lake, which housed a giant octopuss. It managed to knock out the tiefling, but with some ranged attacks we made it retreat for a bit. We still had to cross the water though and the dwarf would go first. She almost made it before some small octopusses…octopussy….2 smaller versions of the big one we just made retreat attacked her. I started to pull her back towards our side of the water, but she managed to kill both of them and got to the other end. The big octopuss decided to take another look, but the dwarf was too much for it this time. There was a lever on the other side of the lake, which made a bridge for us come out of the water.
In the next room we found a few of those earthlike creatures we encountered the day before and another one of those statues. We killed the creatures and took the statue with us. We also decided to spend the night in the basement in the hopes we would find out more about the people behind these strange statues and what and how it would all connect to the disappearences. Too bad for us no one showed up. We decided to go back to Anton and show him the statues. He didn’t know much and told us to ask the priestess of Poseidon, to see if she knew anything.
We went back and confronted her. She wasn’t aware of anything in the basement, but revealed the keys Avienda found were from the groundskeeper called Breten. He hadn’t shown up for work that day, so we went to his house to see if we could find him there. The house was empty though and after asking the neighbours, we found out the family had been gone for a few days and Breten had left the house in a rush. The only clue that had been left were some plants, which seemed to have the life drained out of them.
Now we’re waiting for some answers, like what has happened to the plants and what are those statues really about. The next couple of days we have to ourselves, I’m thinking about visiting the temple of Bahamuth and see if I can find any information there. Maybe even dive into some books. I know paladins should be able to cast some spells, maybe I can find a few that’ll help us in this quest of solving the disappearances.

Mark's diary (2)
Dark places

Balance, it is hard to maintain in this environment. The people I am now with are a of all walks of life, a good balance, but so noisy. The barbarian and the bard stand out most. By quantity and volume. I must meditate, perhaps I can find some of my old teachings again and drown them out. I doubt it though, it’s just, so much. The rest seems more quiet, the paladin hardly speaks, I like that. He is the only one that seems to understand the wisdom of listening. The sorceress speak a little, most of it is related to how the world is not what is has to be according to her, but I believe her chatter hides more wisdom then she shows. The fighter chats even more, but seems to be intent on insulting people when he does, he is not the brightest bulb, but he seems to know his way around the streets. Perhaps there is more balance here then I thought, perhaps I should reevaluate my perception of the word. Interesting…

We had investigated the first source of the disappearances of the towns people in the mines, our job now was to look into the second reports. The temple of Poseidon. First at hand was getting some information about the temple and the reports of people disappearing. This is where I must let others shine, most people do not understand me, but talk themselves into a corner if you leave them speaking. This too seemed to have happened here as we quickly found our first clue, it pointed to the Sapphire Mace, an inn owned by Elaric. We split when we got there, my and Red went in the backdoor and the rest through the front.

While the innkeeper was held busy at the front, me and Red searched the kitchen. When he finally did come around Red kept him talking an I ignored him, searching. I tried not to break anything, the man might be innocent after all. I found a locked door and Red gave me his lock-picks to open them. The lock was far superior to what I expected, but I did manage to get it open. I don’t think anyone saw how difficult it really was for me, perhaps we should keep it that way. It turned out that Elaric was no more then a common smuggler. Not what we were looking for. We let him keep his wares and his secrets, but sometimes a favor or some leverage can get you a lot further then anything else. I will call upon his aid when I see fit.

We decided to go into the temple and talk to the head priestess Endotia. She lied about not knowing anything, what is it with people of power and lying? Maybe I will understand someday, everything has a reason. The bard disappeared for a while to come back all dressed up as one of the clergy. Smart move, she even got away with the keys to the place, but I fear Poseidon might not look too favorably upon her deceit. I will take note to avoid her company on the water for a few weeks, lest this incident drag me down with her, literally.

Turns out Red has some old “friends” in town, people that know the little alleyways in the city. Low and behold, more secrets in the places of power. A subterranean level only accessible from the rear end of the temple from an alleyway. Keys even worked, interesting, since the bard told me she had found them in the desk of Endotia. I knew she was lying.

Turns out a couple of guards were hired to protect the place. They shot when we came too close, cannot blame them, a job is a job. We were trespassing. Only thing is, the rest killed some of them again. This just does not sit right with me, these are people with families. These are people doing there jobs. We were not right in being there. They had every right to use force. Luckily I managed to save two of them by knocking them out before anyone could kill them. I am happy to see that when it comes to people at least, not one in my current group of associates is interested in cold blooded murder of unarmed or unconscious people.

The trek though the underground led us to a large basin. With no other options I tied a rope around me and dove in. That is all I remember until I woke up again on the side of the basin. From what I was told, a giant octopus got a good hold of me and choked me nearly to death while dragging me under. I knew that business with dressing up as Poseidon’s clergy would haunt us. I really should have listened to myself and let the bard do the swimming. Ah, who am I kidding, she would died. I don’t think she will ever know I saved her.

The dwarf took the second plunge, only to be assaulted by smaller octopi, these were not a realy problem for her and she managed to reach the other side. Even though the big dragonborn had pulled her back first. I was impressed. The lever there raised a platform that allowed us to safely walk to the other side. There we found the same setup as in the mines. Conjured things with a circle on the ground and a statue. The fight was easier this time, we knew what had to be done and did it quickly. We took the statue and decided to camp down there to await the arrival of the hooded person that was said to visit this place every once in a while. We let the first prisoner go and the second one I told to go to the other side of the bridge. He pulled the lever and has his own little giant holding pen there. No way he got out without waking one of us like that.

No luck though, come morning we all rested, but no hooded figure. We released the captive to go to his family and went back to Alton Danesh. We told him of the events and showed him both statues. He said he did not know anything about them but would have one checked out and get back to us. Alton suggested we reveal the information we had obtained to Endotia and gauge her reaction.

Her reaction was a lie, but she did tell some of the truth, the keys apparently belonged to the groundskeeper, not her. I assume here the bard had not looked right when she stole them, I have no idea what lying about this matter would gain her. The groundskeeper had disappeared a short while ago though. Upon investigation, his house was deserted. His neighbors knew only that he had left and the only thing out of the ordinary were the dead plants in the house. They seemed to be “too dead”, as if something had drained them of all life. With this being our only clue, we took the plants to a local healer by the name of Farona. She looked into it for us, but could only tell us that the death was of magical nature, not natural. She would do more research for us, but needed time. So with no more clues and time to kill we decided to take a little downtime with the group.

I used this time to hone my skills, I set up a small climbing and obstacle course in the woods behind the house. I am trying to master my steps, take longer strides, trust my body to set my feet so I can look only where I need to go. I seem to have gotten the basics down now, I feel like I move faster and also that if need be I could focus my mind even more. It’s all about the flow of movements, I think that if I really focus my Ki I might even be able to move faster and strike faster then what I am currently capable of.

When I was not on my course I had a bit of fun, trying to tail some of the party members, or sometimes even random people, over the rooftops of the city. Attempting to avoid all detection. This is trickier then I though and the shadows on the streets are still more my friends then these heights, but the fact that nobody ever looks up, does make hiding a lot easier up there.


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