Overly Dramatic

Glorea's Diary Part Nine

My worst moments of the day

  • The noble and handsome dwarf (which I thought he was..) acted like a terrible pathetic dwarf when he start drinking ale with Eldeth. Finally I thought there was someone as decent and courteous as me, but it was just a dream..
  • Ofcourse we had to go through the swamp again, why always sewers, swamps and other terrible smelling places? Why isn’t there a proper and clean way to travel for a high elf like me! My dress smelled like mud and was filled with goo, YUGH! Glad I had my lily fragrance to compensate the smell a little.
  • I said to the cityguards outside that I was related to Aviendha. Oh my god, what’s gotten into me? A half-elf! Related to such a nice race like me? But I had to help her in the city..hopefully it doesn’t lower my reputation..

My most glorious moment of the day

  • I went to the bathhouse with Aviendha. Delicious smelling oils and warm water made me feel I was home. Finally I felt clean and comfortable since such a long time! This is what I deserve! We talked with some important people in the city, finally some people from my league. Nice to see so much elves in here.
  • Me and Aviendha booked a room in a very clean and nice Inn : The Dragon and Hydra. Much better than the terrible creaky and old Unicorn Inn where the rest of us stayed. We dressed up in our most beautiful clothes and talked to important people in tje city to know what’s going on in there. Ofcourse I’m still more charismatic and more beautiful than Aviendha , but she’s doing well. Maybe I begin to like her. But she’s still a half elf, Yugh.
Rhogash's Entry #9
Of dwarves, demons and devestation

We’ve been here literally a few days, though it feels like an eternity. Starting of the events of the last days we met with a dwarven priest, Morgram. He was asking us why were in the temple of Iriskeital and seemed suspicious of us. We explained we were send there by Zadhor, but he wasn’t believing us, so we decided to bring him back with us to the city. On the way back we encountered a small group of orcs. Not paying much much attention to the why and how, we took care of them swiftly and went on.
Back at the council it seemed like the party of orcs was a forbearing of some sort. The city was about to be under siege of giants on the one side and orcs on the other. Orcs and giants working together…..not that it seems fitting, but those two groups are not known for working well together. Something must be up and I think it’s a good bet the statues will be right at the centre of it.
It was decided we’d head to the Thundershines first to see what and how we could help defending the city. On the way to them we encountered some sort of rock type monster which almost swallowed some of us, but we managed to kill it. Eldeath even went as far as to crawl into it’s belly looking for loot, but I couldn’t stomach the idea of doing that. She did find a circlet of some sort though, I wonder what poor sap lost it there.
We found the house of the Thundershines pretty easily. Just imagine the most chaotic thing possible and then add some. Feeling a little bit at unease, I came to see why the dwarves decided it would be better for the Thundershine clan to move to a somewhat remote place. They were friendly enough though, seemingly full of concern for the city as well. Plans were forged pretty rapidly and it was decided we’d take care of the orcs, while the others would see if they could handle the giants. We were send on out way with a little bit of magic and ended up pretty near the army. Just one problem though, we were stuck on a cliff. Now comes the best part, it seems like Aviendha has learned this nifty little spel which allows people to fly. She casted it on me, and I ferried most of the people down, but the feeling was incredible! Being able to fly like one of my famous kinsmen, never would I have thought to experience it. Too bad it only lasts a short amount of time, but I’ll have to ask her if she can cast it on me again soon.
We coordinated our attack with a feint from the city. Apparently Eldeath is able to talk to birds and she got a message across the orc camp. She’s a bucket of surprises that one and she seems to be her old self again and not wallowing in her guilt or regret. We tried to sneak into the camp, but that didn’t work out to well. So we went in hard and fast. Fireballs flew, some tents cought fire and soon after that a few dead trolls and orcs were at our feet. Seemed like the demons are behind the attacks though, since one of the trolls was enthralled by a demon and was commanding the army. With the head of the snake taken care of, the army made haste retreating though. One threat down.
We made our way back into the city to see how and if the giants were taken care of. They weren’t. Seemed like the demons were more open on that front though. An onslaught of giants and demons were about to swarm the city. Without wasting time, we sought out the place where the statue was supposed to be, with hordes of demons right on our tail. A wall of flame thrown up by Gloria didn’t seem to phase them much. It was up to me and our newfound companion Morgram to hold the demons at bay, while the others took care of the ritual. We slayed about a horde of small demons when the first bigger demon found his way to us. Thankfully by this time the ritual was done. Mark threw one of the magic pebbles we got to capture the big demon and we embraced for more demons, but the completion of the ritual seemed to put a stop to the hordes from hell.
Back up top, in the city there was a trail of devastation leading straight to where we completed the ritual. A strong indication that whatever we try to stop from entering this world is aware of what we’re doing. More worrisome, it has power in this world already and is using al it’s might to stop us. There will be even more interesting times ahead of us…….

Eldeth's diary (8)

Yesterday we met the most pompous, self-important dwarf I’ve ever met, or I’ll ever meet for that matter! One second he’s happily drinking some ale, the next he talks elvish (ELVISH!!!) in some posh noble way to Gloriea! I mean, I’m getting used to her being that way, but a dwarf, lowering himself to that! Pah… At first glance he didn’t look too bad, bit too much show-offy clothes, but that could’ve been taken care of, but if anything is turn-off that is a dwarf talking elvish… seriously… elvish?!

Anyway he came to check on the fortress it seems (my guess is he was checking if there was some gold left after we took care of things) and went back with us to the city. When heading back we came up on some orcs, funny little buggers, killing them is just so satisfactory! Almost as good as drinking my dad’s home-made ale!

When we got back to the city we were informed that there seemed to be two armies approaching the city, an army of giants and one of orcs and trolls. We figured that asking the Thundershines for help would make sense, since they know their bangs and booms, which can good in a time of war! Our new poncy prancy dwarf-elf went along with us through the tunnels (going over land with two armies on the look-out didn’t seem like such a good idea). Funniest thing, Gloriea got some larva in her hair, was hilarious to hear her give a little shriek in terror. Then some tentacly beast attacked us as well, we got rid of that of course. After going through the tunnel we met the Thundershines. Decided that we’d attack the trolls/orcs and they’d handle the giants. Nice enough she teleported us close to where we had to be. Close… ONE A MOUNTAIN WITH A GIANT CLIFF!! Seriously? Are they doing this for the fun of it? For some reason I have been getting really scared of… cliffs… can’t explain it. I really fear for my life when I just look at a cliff. Hope it didn’t show too much to the rest, since I can’t seem all squeamish in front of them… thank heavens Rusty knew how to teleport and gave me a ride. Oh and before that I talked to a bird, seriously, a bird!! Was thrilling in a way that I could make the bird understand what I was saying. Never thought I’d connect to animals and nature the way I have been for the past few weeks, it seems to be growing stronger by the day. I got the bird to deliver a message to the city, since we thought it would be clever to let the orcs/trolls things the city was attacking and that we’d sneak-attack from behind. Aviendha managed to fly (funny-looking thing) over the camp and saw that the leaders’ tent was close to the back and that a distraction from the city would make sense.

So we were down and then I saw Mark, and his shadow… his shadow again… moving about, as if it is leading it’s own life… Scary thing though, since Mark doesn’t seem to be aware of his shadow moving about… I… I don’t know if I should trust this, he also has that fiery look sometimes that Redd used to have… oh dear oh dear oh dear, I thought we left that behind us! Mark not seemingly aware of it make sit all the more scarier…

But not time to fret, we had trolls and orcs to kill! We had some awesome sneak, fire-ball, attack that

— to be continued

Mark's diary: Dark tidings within

Could it be, the Dragonborn said it happened, so it must be. The stories I heard the villagers tell when they did not know I was there, are they about me? They can’t be, I was chosen for the mission. Only the best get that honor, and only until they die. I must uphold balance, that is why I am out here. Not because I am what they think I am. My parent were normal people! Just like everyone else! Tieflings share a common ancestry with the darker sides, but that was a long time and many generations ago! I am not what they say I am!

But he saw it, he said so, why would he lie? And I do feel more comfortable in the shadows, the world there is more real. Time and distance seem not exist so much there, it is as if light creates them. I understand now that the shadows are the absence of light, of distance, of time itself. If it is true, if I was not selected because they thought I was worthy, but only to remove me with a good excuse, then… No, they would have told me. They never lied to me, did they? But the light, the light hurt my eyes. More then it seemed to hurt the rest, I think I managed to close the without anyone noticing me. The elf is the only one who might have, I hope she does not seek to much behind it, I can just tell her I don’t like too much light, that is after all the truth.

One thing is for sure, if it is true, if I am indeed what I think I might be, then there is no stopping it. I might be able to delay it, contain it, maybe I can use it. For now I seem to be in control whenever I pay attention, my shadow has not moved as far I as have been able to tell. I hope the dwarf can handle it should it show, she was not too happy with the inclinations of Red. I guess I will have to mind where and when I go to sleep or meditate, lock the door, get my own room. I don’t think I have had any unpure intentions yet, not while awake. I must guard, I must restore balance to the realms before I lost it myself.

Rusty's diary 26/27-09-2015

Eladay, Termini 10, 1284CE:
Met a dwarf while leaving the fortress. Decadent sort. Air of incompetence. Named Morgram something or other, claims he was sent by the regent of Shirogh. Not very trusting, these dwarfs. Morgran complains about us unearthing the temple of Erishkigal. You’d think he’d be grateful. Traveled back towards Shirogh. Encountered orc raiding party. Gloriea turned an interesting shade of blue, funny in so many ways. Kept my crossbow practice up. Clean headshot. Must be an orc army heading towards the city.

Back in Shirogh. City is on alert; army of giants seen on the other side of the city. Met Zaghdor, the steward, again. They’re really getting on my nerves. Told him we had a common cause; Daemonibus mentions second summoning circle in ancient halls below city. Apparently Zaghdor knew this already. Didn’t feel like sharing, apparently. Dwarf council didn’t know either. Don’t even trust their own kind. Wants us to help taking out one of the armies.

Going to visit Thundershines. Morgran insisted he accompany us. Might as well have sent a jester, at least jester good for laugh. Making our way through tunnels below the city. Attacked by larvae and roper. Got some good quality roper acid. Also found interesting circlet with the mark of Corellon. Probably good story in how that ended up here. Found Thundershine tower. Met Askal Thundershine, head of her clan. Liked her. Zaghdor doesn’t trust her, so she must be alright.

Discussion about order of operations. Told them we should target armies first; invading armies could remove summoned statues. Tried to explain summoning ritual. Really, summoning magic 101. Would have guessed at least Gloriea or Aviendha would understand. Apparently not. Barely trained kids. Got headache explaining it. Time to sleep.

Justusday, Termini 11, 1284CE:
Fighting orc army today. Oh joy. Thundershines teleport us there. Saves a lot of walking, at least. Ended up pretty close, surprisingly. Not stuck in mountain either. Counting my blessings. Eldeth talks to bird to send a message to Shirogh. Interesting juxtaposition: barbarian talking like a bird. Also unnerving, somehow. Couldn’t be bothered climbing down, so decided to teleport down instead. Took Eldeth, since she doesn’t seem to like heights. Funny thing. Tiefling seems to be able to scout using his shadow. Intriguing. Must find out more.

Aviendha found where orc commanders are camped. Conveniently behind army. Attacked while diverted by feint from city. Attacked troll leaders. Fireball took the wind out of them. More crossbow practice. Pretty little headshot. Found demon-possessed troll. Cutting the head off caused the snake to die; trashed out while dying though, so we decided to not stand in its way. Made our way back to Shirogh.

Giants are attacking the city. Spotted demons as well. No time to lose. Have to perform the ritual. Going down to ancient halls. Felt like earthquakes above; probably giants breaching the wall. No time left. Demons are flooding into the halls. Through broken door, into next hall. Gloriea summoned wall of fire. Not going to be enough, but good start. More demons. Manes, dretches, barlguras, chasme. Getting overrun. Managed to keep them at bay. Gloriea started ritual; no more wall of fire. We’re fucked. Demons are being summoned to the circle as well. Rhogash managed to shut the broken door. No respite though, glabrezu smashed door. We’re so fucked. Caught a break, though: monk tossed a bead of force and managed to contain it. Bigger break: summoning ritual completed. Demons are fucked. Bead of force vanished; seconds later, glabrezu vanished. Good laugh.

Back up to the city. City walls breached, as expected. Giant army scattered. City took a beating though. Morgran going to find his home. We found a sheltered corner to camp for the night. Can’t sleep. Need to know how Oiaxar can orchestrate two armies and a minor demon incursion, even though he should still be bound. Ashnor might be the key. Ashnor’s dispersion statues have been disturbed. Will need to investigate.

Rhogash's Entry #8
For keeps sake

Dwarven lands, we made it there. The trip through the portal was fast and smooth, but I expected half and half to end up in a vast caverncomplex or underground dwarvencity. Instead we landed on a graveyard of some sort, under the big blue sky. We set out, looking for some more civilisation and soon found it. Some guards were wondering where we came from and seemed quit suspicious of our little band emerging from the graveyard. They asked us to hand over our weapons and we would be introduced to the local lord, a wise precaution to take with any unannounced visitors from halfway across the world.
The lord seemed like a fair dwarf, he granted us access to the city provided we wouldn’t cause any troubles and in order to prove ourselves told us to check out an abandoned keep. We decided to split up and look around first. The ladies went shopping I think, the new guy wanted to visit the library and the monk did…..monky things. I decided to visit a dwarven smithy called Kunda. He seemed more than willing to make me a nice armor and for a good price as well. After that I visited the temple of Moradin. Partly because I was curious to see one and partly because it seemed like the right thing to do, to announce myself and the plans we had. They were very helpfull providing us with clothes and even some healing potions. I need to remember to thank them with a small token after we come back.
After all the sightseeing we met back up and decided to check out the keep lord Zadhor had send us to. On the way we had some trouble with some yeti’s, which surprised us and nearly killed some of us, but we managed to turn the fight. Not long after that we found the keep, where we were greeted by 3 ice-elementals. They were soon dispatched and we took a look inside. It seemed mostly empty, though we found an altar to a dwarven god called Iriskeital. When we went a bit deeper, we found another elemental. This one seemed more talkative though, at least that’s what I gather from the talk it and Eldeath had. It seemed to be stuck in the keep, closed of from his home plane of existence. Apparently the dwarves had made a well with a direct connection to the elemental plane of water and it wandered through it. We helped it get back and in return it set us on the right way.
After moving through some corridors further into the keep, we found a pretty large ledge with a big wall of stone on one end and a gaping chasm on the other. On it 2 demons had made their lair, around the same sort of circle of magic we had found in Huginn and Ashnor.
Flying demons, what I would give to be able to fly like one of my big ancestors! But these monsters had just a little grasp on tactics. They made the error of getting into range of our weapons and after just a few rounds, we had killed the first one. The monk had lured the other one near the ledge and was able to stun it in mid flight, making it plunge down into the chasm. We tried to kill it, but it wisened up and decided to flee.
We took our time restoring the circlemagic and look around a bit more in the keep. We found some beds and are deciding to spend, hopefully, a quiet and peacefull night before we return to the city.

Rusty's diary 22-08-2015

Namday, Termini 8, 1284CE:
Had a nice conversation with Thrinan. He had some interesting books on wild magic I hadn’t seen before. Very interesting. Mentioned I was looking for information about the demon Oiaxar.
He mentioned a book in the library of Shirogh that might aid me, De daemonibus ad orientem. Also told me he had met some people who had a mutual interest in the demon. Serendipitous. Met them in the Golden Arms. Looked like a competent group. Dwarf soldier, Eldeth, seems capable fighter. As does dragonborn paladin, Rhogash. Less unstable though. Tiefling monk is mute. Pretends to be, probably. Revels in secrets. Need to keep an eye out. Aviendha, half-elf, is probably a lot more dangerous than she appears. Must be intentional. Air of intrigue. Elf wild mage, Gloriea, desperate to impress. Insecure. Seems a capable mage, though.

Tigday, Termini 9, 1284CE:
Refreshed and ready to travel. Used the waygate to travel to Shirogh. Ended up in a graveyard. Didn’t expect dwarves to be so casual about a waygate. Must not have been used for a long time. Was guarded though. Guards demanded our weapons. Suspicious lot. Took us to the local lord.

Zadhor, the dwarf lord, demanded to know why we visited his town. Told him about the book in his library. He seemed flattered that a rare book might be in his city. Still demanded we solve his problems before he would let us into his town. Crafty. Ancient dwarf city in the mountains, abandoned centuries ago. Expeditions gone missing. Could be interesting, probably some archaeologic finds.

Visited library. Found Daemonibus. Very intriguing. Speaks of last great demon incursion in the east. Two last stands. One near Ashnor, one near Northhive. More in notes.

Traveled to the mountain pass up to ancient city. Ambushed by yetis. Eldeth and tiefling paralysed. Yetis hypnotised by Aviendha. Definitely more dangerous than she looks. Time to recuperate.

Found city wall. Also, three ice paraelementals. Only minor inconvenience. Gates were unlocked. Dark inside, but easily fixed. Found a chapel to Ereshkigal. Intriguing. Not much information about this forgotten dwarf deity known. Took some notes, but will need to come back at some point to fully explore.

Encountered a water elemental further in the keep. Could only speak dwarven. Apparently trapped. Explored some corridors and found a well. Likely a portal to the elemental pane of water. A magical trigger in the next room activated the portal. Elemental returned to its plane. Told us about demon activity in the keep.

Found ancient dwarf statues and paintings in another room. Interesting. Matches presumed era of abandonment. Should inform dwarf lord, might be interested.

Went up another corridor. On to keep battlements. Encountered vrock and chasme. Found summoning circle on floor. Vrock was particularly uncomfortable. Defeated both demons, though. Gloriea knows a ritual to summon diffusion statues. Useful. Locked down the summoning circle using the ritual.

Glorea's Diary Seventh Part

My worst moments of the day

  • The guard outside the ancient dwarven city insult me by calling me weird and unpredictable only because I’m a wild magic Sorceress! How dare he! Wish I had thrown a fireball at him…nobody shall miss a dwarf..
  • I had to hand over my precious pretty orbstaff to the guards! Ofcourse I refused but the other party members gave up so easily, I had no choice at all. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! IT’S MINE!
  • And that when I was also wearing the most ugly and hideous winterclothes made by dwarfs. I’m a lady you know? Why is it so hard to be treated like a real lady?

My most glorious moment of the day

  • In this city Shirogh lives another Wild Magic sorcerer! Finally someone who understands me and can help me! Such a shame it’s just a dwarf and also family of that despicable dwarf Thrinnon..but it’s a start. Can’t wait visit him, his name is Oekral Thundershine. Shall I finally get some credits and know how to purify the world from evil?
  • I did some shopping with Eldeth and Avienda and it was actually a nice moment. Ofcourse I’m better with style but maybe I can fit in a little with them.
  • I used my Lighnting Bolt several times and they all hit the terrible horrid monsters we came through (a spikey fly-thing, a large bird en some ice en watermonsters) Nobody will mess with me now!
Rhogash's Entry #7
Fight, flight and forsaken?

Last couple of days were some of those days in which a lot happened and I got this feeling I’m not even aware of most of it. Red had plans, I suspect Mark had plans of his own and Eldeath seemed to be swirling into depression about killing people. It are strange times when the ones most predictable and levelheaded are Avienda and Gloria……if I didn’t know any better, I’d believe Bahamuth is testing my resolve to see if I’m worthy of his powers.
A few things were quite straight forward though. We ended the reign of Perrin in a head-on battle and we figured out where to go next. We managed to scare Perrin out of the city and possibly this plane of existence for now. Though being a demon of some sort, he might just poof back into the city as he pleases, we don’t know. Ivellios and apparently Red are staying in the city to get it back on track. I hope for both their sakes they can work things out. The rest seem to believe Red will make things worse, but I think, no believe, he’ll do the right thing and keep order in this city, in his own way……..though I’m glad Ivellios is here as well.
As for the next leg of our journey, we’re heading to dwarf lands. Something I hope will cheer Eldeath up somewhat. Thrinan and a friend of him called Rusty seemed to think it was a good idea as well. I just hope they have some good armorsmiths there, if the foes we fought last couple of weeks are any indication, we’d do well to be ready and prepared.

Stedd's adventure log 2015-08-02

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“In the morning, I went out with Rhogash to try and find a smith who might be able to repair the armors we found in the temple. Rhogash suggested his paladin mate might know where to find one, so we went over to visit him. Turns out there used to be dwarves around who would have been able to fix the suits up, but they left years ago, so we’re stuck with some very heavy pieces of junk metal, really. Not an entire loss, luckily, as the paladin was able to tell us where to find Perrin. Not really the hardest thing to figure out probably, but still useful. Also, it seems Perrin has lost some of his edge over the years, as the paladin told us he doesn’t fear anyone and he would never suspect someone striking against him. Good for us, I guess. PERRIN IS LIKE THIS CITY. BLOATED AND FULL OF ROT. SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE.

This meant the time was right for me to make my move, and I went to the Crowing Raven to tell my men to prepare to cause some chaos. This should keep Perrin’s men occupied while we attacked him. IT WILL ALSO SEPERATE THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF. IF SOME DIE, NO LOSS. THE NINE HELLS WILL HAVE SOME NEW PLAYTHINGS AFTER TOMORROW. After this, it was time to return to the Golden Axe. Eldeth was all depressed and everything; can’t really be helped, but I hope she pulls herself together in time. Aviendha and the mute went out to scout Perrin’s hideout. We found out there’s around 10 men there, one entrance, barred windows, and a possible escape route over a balcony.

I mentioned I had been chatting with Riffolk’s old crew and gotten them to keep Perrin’s men at bay, but it seemed that Eldeth got some weird kind of conscience issues with having other people attack yet other people, but not with hacking them in two herself. Not sure what to make of that, really. Anyway, the mute suggested he and Aviendha would enter through the balcony while the rest of us made a frontal assault. I know why he wants to attack Perrin right away; that’s not going to happen. I will have my vengeance on Perrin. I WILL CRUCIFY HIM. I WILL RIP HIS EYES AND TONGUE FROM HIS FACE. I WILL GUT HIM LIKE A PIG, AND LET THE CROWS FEAST ON HIS GUTS. I said I’d come to the balcony as well, but then apparently Eldeth got some trust issues as well now and couldn’t handle that. Fine. A full frontal assault it is. Works for me.

So, the next day I went back to the Crowing Raven and told my men to start our little gang war at noon. The mute would shut the balcony door to prevent Perrin from escaping, and I let my mask fade. If I’m going to kill Perrin, I’m going to kill Perrin, not some random shmuck whose face I stole. We took out the guards at the door and two more that came running. We went inside, got attacked from one side but a fireball from the witch knocked most of the fight out of them and soon enough most of the ground floor was a charnel house. THE FADING ESSENCES OF THE ROGUES WERE LIKE SWEET, ROTTEN FRUITS. I FELT FLUSH WITH STOLEN SOULS. The mute was pretty protective of some guy he knocked out; fine, he’ll get his later, and to be fair I might need some men after all this.

We went up the stairs and stormed Perrin’s room. Fuck me though, the guy turned into some kind of demon right there. I always knew there was something off about him, but not that he was a fucking demon. I know I’m messed up, but damn, that guy takes the fucking cake. He knew who was coming for him, though. He did burned me good, with some damn fire ray. Aviendha had a trick up her sleeve as well, though, and she summoned some kind of woozy lights that took out Perrin and half his guards. Was mostly clean up, after that really. Fucking Perrin though. Had him dead to rights, but he just went and disappeared. Poof. SO CLOSE… MY VENGEANCE WAS SO CLOSE… I DON’T CARE IF HE FLED TO THE NINE HELLS OR THE ABYSS ITSELF, I WILL FIND HIM. THE WEAKLING HALFBLOOD FIEND CANNOT HIDE FOREVER. Rhogash tried to find him with some icky paladin sight, but he was gone. Not as planned. Have to run with it, I guess. I did manage to quickly swoop up his paperwork. Bet there’s some useful information in there.

The mute brought his little friend up. Wanted me to send him out to find Perrin. Sure. Suits me, I need to start asserting control here now. This is the break I need. Eldeth got really annoyed that I wouldn’t let the city guard take over the syndicate. She knows nothing. Everything is sunshine in her pretty little head, except when she’s frothing at the mouth and killing things. Fucking hypocrite. Rhogash was giving me a hard time as well, but he was more reasonable. It almost came to blows, but Eldeth stormed off, and the mute ran after her. Fuck. I don’t need this. I need them to understand this city will tear itself apart if noone takes control. None of them really understand how this city is. None of them have lived here. I NEED THEM TO GO AWAY. THEY’VE SERVED THEIR PURPOSE, THEY ARE JUST LIABILITIES NOW. Aviendha was more understanding, though she too told me she wouldn’t side with me if it came to blows. Fair enough, I’m not an idiot. I’m not going to die over this, which I would if it came to that.

I went to the Crowing Raven again to meet with my crew. I had to start asserting control, and so I assigned some of them as lieutenants to take control of parts of the city and inform the rest of the syndicate there’d been a change in management. The paladin, Ivellios, dropped in on me. He’s more of a pragmatist than I had thought. Still slightly naive, but he does understand this city well enough. He would work with the city guard and the mayor, and he warned me not to let things get out of hand. Sure, I’m no butcher. I HAVE TO BIDE MY TIME. MY HOST IS STILL RELUCTANT. I NEED MORE TIME TO TURN HIM. I’ve got bigger fish to fry, anyway; Perrin is still out there. I know he is, somewhere. He might want to make a play for the city again, and I need allies. Ivellios is as good an ally as any, and better than a lot, really. Aviendha also came to see me. They’re leaving to some dwarven city. I explained to her I wasn’t finished here yet, not by a long shot. I guess she understood. I hope so. I told her I’d let them know if Perrin ever showed up. I’ll set guards on the temple, as well. I don’t need demons in my city. This city needs order, more than anything. I will provide that order."


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