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Jullie kunnen via Characters je eigen char toevoegen. Als je zonder je charsheet niet alle details meer weet kun je dat allemaal open laten, maar de basis van naam, ras, class, background is wel handig voor mij.

Sessie 1

De helden worden wakker in een donkere kamer. Met enige samenwerking weten ze uit de kamer te komen en ontsnappen ze uit een kleine ondergrondse ruimte. Ze komen uiteindelijk aan in de woning van Alton Danesh, die ze vertelt dat dit een test was en dat ze geslaagd zijn. Hij geeft ze de opdracht om een aantal bijzondere gebeurtenissen in de stad te onderzoeken.
Eerst gaan de helden naar de smaragdmijn, waar een aantal mijnwerkende dwergen zijn verdwenen. Pirayus, de elf die de mijn uitbaat vertelt ze iets meer over de mijn en wat er gebeurd is. In de mijn komt Tavara helaas ten val wat ze niet overleeft. Even verder treffen ze twee dwergen, waarvan een nog in leven. De levende dwerg besluit ze te helpen. Dieper in de mijn vinden ze een zwart beeldje op een teken dat op de grond staat. Na een gevecht nemen ze het beeldje mee en keren terug naar Ashnor om verslag uit te brengen aan Alton.

Adventure log 2014-12-13
'Red' Stedd Darvinson

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“So. It had been a good night. Had a bit of drink with the lads, and spotted the Nose. The bugger still owed me money so I smacked him a bit till he paid up. Must have fallen asleep right there though as I can’t remember leaving the place. Woke up with a damn headache, but not in the damn inn. Was in a dungeon or something. I reckoned the Nose had gone and called the city guard on me. DAMN HIM, I’M GONNA KILL HIM FOR THAT. Turns out it wasn’t actually any prison, or at least, the people there were the weirdest cell mates I’d ever had. Two poncy elves, a mute and a dragonborn. Weirdest of all was the wood elf, though. Claimed to be a druid. Bit of a weird place to hang out then, eh.

Anyway. Turned out the key was hidden there, so we could just walk out. Or well, could have, but someone had STOLEN ALL OUR GEAR. AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO TO PUNCH FOR THAT. We settled for punching some rats, and turns out our stuff wasn’t even nicked, but across the room. Lucky, I’d gotten quite attached to my glaive. After the rats, it was snakes. I hate snakes. Then spiders. Big ones, though, size of a horse. Bled all the same.

Joke was on us though. Apparently some guy had kidnapped the lot of us for some kind of test. Don’t really know or care what he was on about. I WANTED TO SNAP HIS NECK RIGHT THERE AND THEN. NO. THAT’D BE TOO EASY. GUT HIM, AND THROW HIS INNARDS TO THE DOGS. … Eh, as I was saying, didn’t quite care, but turned out he wanted to hire us, and there was money involved, so I was game. Some dwarves had disappeared in a mine, apparently, so he wanted to get to the bottom of that. Fair enough, dwarves are decent folk most of the time.

So we went to the mine, met this elf who runs the place. Told us the dwarves had been disappearing in the deeper parts of the mine. By the smell of that place, they probably fled retching. I know I would, but I was getting paid, so there was that. We had to go down a cliff to get any deeper, so we went and got some rope to climb down. That didn’t work out so well, as some flying buggers got the wood elf and she fell down. The dragonborn tried to catch her, which was either valiant or stupid, and probably both, but she was still dead as a doornail. Rest in peace, whatshername.

We did find some dwarves after that though, one pretty much dead, the other one with a whopping big greataxe and aggression to match. Seemed like a decent sort, as well. She came with us to check out the rest of the mine, where we found yet more snakes. Again. Obviously. One almost got me, too, but I gutted him with my handaxe. Then there were fire snakes. BECAUSE SNAKES WEREN’T BAD ENOUGH. I REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO CUT SOMETHING. I settled for the snake. Was already dead though, so didn’t really help.

Finally, we got to the end of the mine. Turned out there was some kind of drawing on the floor and some weird earth thingies or whatever that must’ve created the stench. Also, a little statue. Weird. I REALLY WANT THAT STATUE, but the mute took it. HE BETTER NOT DAMAGE IT. I’LL BE WANTING IT BACK. Killed the earth things though. We found some gems as well. Turned out there was one too many to go around, so we played a little game of Hawke’s gambit for it; they were all quite bad at it though so I won pretty easily. We went back to claim our reward. At least the elf paid well. I’d never get this kind of money in the thieves’ guild, so I could get used to this. Seems these guys don’t really care as much if whatever we’re facing ends up dead either, and I could get used to that as well."

Mark's diary
New friends and new losses.

This city, these people, this noise. It is unsettling. I arrived in the city early in the morning, opting to sleep under the stars one more night before I went in. So many people, so much information. So much noise. The noise… How can people live like this? The constant cacophony of useless information. The need to vocalize everything that can be seen on your face without words. I do not understand why people do this, more often then not the entire conversation even seems to exist purely for it’s own existence as well. I will need time to adjust to this… overflow of uselessness if I am going to succeed at my mission.

I chose to endure it for the day, open my eyes, open my ears, open my mind. I walked around town, seeing the sights, learning the layout. I am confident I can now navigate the city on my own without having to ask for directions too often. Already I saw many things that upset the balance as it is. People living of the grieving of others, differences between poor and rich on such a scale that the smell of revolt is beginning to hang in the air. If the balance of this city is upset even more then it is, I fear a revolution, with nothing but death and destruction in it’s wake. I must make haste to find my first mark.

I checked into a small in at the edge of town, the noise was less and room was good, it had a bed and window that could be shut. I woke up somewhere else though. A small room filled with strangers. Apparently one of them knew magic and the room lit up with small spell that created glowing orbs light, useful. The group consisted of me, a towering dragonborn, two elves, a half elf and a human. One of the elves looked like she was not at home in the city and knew sign language. She was quiet too, I like her. When the group introduced themselves to each other, she cleverly made them skip her, I regret now not asking her name. Communicating with anyone else has been interesting, as usual.

The door was locked, but the key was behind a stone in the same room, strange thing if you ask me. When we got out, there was a chasm with a couple of really big rats on the other side. Our belongings were there too. Began to feel stranger and stranger, this was no ordinary prison. The group showed itself to be as capable of combat as I am, but with faced with the common goal of survival, this was a good thing. We defeated the rats, I knocked the ones out that I could, they were only hungry and more threat to us, but the human killed them afterwards none the less. Sad, but their blood is his hands.

After suiting up, which for some of us was a bit more of an ordeal then for others, we opened another door. A long room filled with debris and snakes was our next obstacle. Again we did the same thing, and again the human insisted on killing the snakes. A capable group, but stupid.

The next challenge was a giant spider with his underlings. The dragonborn showed his true heritage and breathed a massive fire over them, he does not talk a lot either, seems a bit slow headed, but I kinda like him too. The spider had died by other hands, to the ritualistic slaughter did not have to happen this time, good.

After leaving that room we found ourselves in a luxurious mansion, owned by a man who called himself Alton Danesh. He explained he has us kidnapped and tested so he might employ us. He tried to murder us! A man capable of doing this to people with such ease and comfort, I think I have found my first mark.

Clearly I cannot face this man, not yet, I must study him, find his weaknesses and exploit them when he does not expect it, so it is time to play the game along. As customary, I gave him ample warning of his fate, we will see if he is cleaver enough to see the warning for what it was. It just occurred to me, the man spoke sign, very few do that, and most of the ones I know are connected to my order. I should investigate.

Playing along meant heading into the mines to investigate the disappearance of a few dwarves. We were sent straight down into the mines and it was not long before we delved deeper then the dwarves were willing to. Of course the darkness holds perils and we soon found ourselves facing a 60 foot cliff. Climbing down on a rope we were ambushed by something flying, my forested elven friend was dangling from the ropes a good 50 feet from the ground when one of them hit her, she passed out and tumbled down. The dragonborn tried to soften her landing, but even that was not enough. Her cycle had completed, I hope she found what she was looking for this time around. The rest of the people hardly seemed to care, figures, they seem to be rather comfortable around death. I shall not count on anything from them.

We went deeper into the caves to find two dwarves, one had died, but the other was only unconscious. After waking her up, she seemed to be out for revenge. Fine, one more axe to join the fight. We found some magical circle with a statue, that seems to spawn a few earthlike beings. It’s kind of hazy to me, there was an stench that seemed to impair me, I did not really care, I was busy mourning the loss of the only one in the party that seemed to understand anything.

When the battle was over, I took the statue, and when we passed our comrade on the way back, people seeded to want to leave her there. I could not believe it, I took her body with me, it took all my strength, but I did it. I buried her in the woods. The dragonborn helped me, a nice surprise. I think I may trust him a little more then the rest. I showed him the statue and tried to ask if we should tell our employer. I could not get through to him, he is a big friendly stupid giant, perhaps we should keep our friendship at that.

I still have the statue, I will use it bring down the elf that clearly upsets the balance.

Day One
So my journey begins

Journal entry one

My adventuring life has started! According to Ivellios I should see more of the world and meet more people. And today I met some interesting people and got a quest to go with them. Seems like there are some strange cases of missing people around the town and this elven guy seems to be willing to solve this mystery and fund it to boot!

But I’m getting ahead of the day. I woke up in this dark room, with no clue about how I got there. And I wasn’t alone. With me were 5 others who all seemed to end up in that room the same way I got there, without a clue and more importantly, without any of our gear. The door was shut, but there was a hidden key. We entered a room with a chasm and some rats in it and proceded to clear the room. It was made painfully clear to me that I realy gotten used to my armor, as the rats attacked me full force and I barely made it out of that room alive. Good thing we found our gear in some chests, otherwise this dark hole would kill all of us.
The next room seemed somewhat caved in, so we went in carefully. Between the rubble we found some snakes, which seemed intend to have us for lunch or diner, but we deposed of them pretty skillfully. BY this time I got to see more of what this new group of people was capable of. There were two elves, one seemed to be a druid and the other a sorceress. The druid was nice and friendly, the sorceress seemed a bit cold and distant (haha, cold, she was shooting with ICE!). There was a half-elf adventurer, a bard I think, she seemed to be carefree and talked a lot during the day. Then there was the opposite of her, the tiefling, a mute, who seemed to be monk of an order of some sort, I read about those in the temple. He talks with his hands. He seems to be nice and friendly enough, though with no speaking it’s kinda hard to tell. The last one in our group is a human. He’s a capable fighter, with a mean looking glaive, which he weilds handily.
After the room with the snakes we came into another room with a large spider in it. It wasn’t much of a threat. Some fire and a few hits and it was dead. The room after this one was a surprise though. We encountered a man, Anton Gallesh, who was responsible for us being down here. He explained it was to see if we were fit for a quest he had for us, though I still wonder why he didn’t just ask for our help. All this hiding in the dark and beating around the tree makes it a bit fishy.
Anton told us there were some strange disappearances happening all across the city and wanted us to see what they were all about. He offered us to pay to find out what was happening, starting with investigating some miners who went missing. Deciding I wanted to know where this was going, I followed the others to the mine. Here we heard about some dwarves who never returned from a certain part of the mine and we went after them. We had to climb down a cliff when some flying animals attacked us. I got down to the bottom, not without wounds though, but the druid who was following me met a different fate. She also got attacked and lost her grip on the rope, falling to her death into my arms. After a quick glance it was clear there was too much damage from the attacks and the fall to try and safe her. We had to leave her for now in order to finish the mission and bring her body back if we returned to the surface.
In the caves following our deep decent, we found 2 dwarves who been lost for a while now. One of them was already dead, but the other one was alive and punching. She was thankful for finding her and decided she wanted to help us out on our quest.
Not long after all this we found something strange. Some strange beings were standing around a statue on top of some markings on the floor. The statue seems to be the source of the beings, for when we were fighting them, it spawned one in front of us. After we killed the creatures and kicked the statue over, the markings seems to disappear and no more beings came into existence. We decided to bring the statue along, maybe someone knows about it.
On our way back, we picked up the druid and burried her in the woods. Seemed like the place to lay her to rest, being a druid and all. Back at Anton’s place we all decided to take some rest, get a bath and see what our next destination would be.

Tavara's diary
The day I passed on...

I could never ever have imagined the way I would pass on to the next world. I had always thought I would die in the wild, in the forests, in a wild stream, an avalanche, anything but this…

This day I woke up to an unpleasant surprise. When opening my eyes everything was dark around me, but I could clearly hear the breathing of others… I had not fallen asleep near anyone else, and not on a stony floor. I had no clue what was going on, until all of a sudden lights appeared out of nowhere, apparently I am not the only user of magic in the room. When my eyes had adjusted to the light I looked around and saw the weirdest group of… well the weirdest group. I was surprised to notice one of them being mute and using sign language which I had learned from an old elven friend in the woods many years ago. I find it a comforting language since it does not require noise, which the half-human was keen on making.

Anyway, it turned out Alton Danesh an elf of the city of Ashnor had kidnapped us to ‘test our worthiness’…. I knew I had no reason to trust anything that lives in a city, I did not even hear any good reason why he had not just asked for our help with whatever troubles the city faced. But putting us through fights with spiders, snakes and whatnots… it’s embarassing really. Didn’t even have the nerve to ask us.

We took the chance over some food and music (apparently the half-human does make some nice music, which somewhat balances her constant need for chattering) to get to know each other. Well I took the chance to get to know them, to learn what I was in for. And typical… none of them even bothered to notice I did not tell my own name, which in retrospect is rather sad…

We went to the dwarven mines first, it seemed a good a choice as any (there was also something about Poseidon’s temple, I am not much of an ocean and water fan, so this seemed the slightly better choice). Although, all things considered perhaps going to the temple would have changed my fate. When we arrived at the mine an elf welcomed us and told us that dwarves went missing all of sudden. Which I do not find strange, considering it is a mine… dwarves… untrustworthy creatures. Probably ran of with the loot after gathering enough of it. Although then it is strange only a few went missing.

When entering the mine we ran into several dwarves who pointed us in the right direction where we found a cliff which we started to descend. I had not bothered to tie myself to the rope, since I consider myself an excellent climber. When I had just started my descent I heard the flapping of wings and some ugly creatures were upon us. I tried my best to keep them of the weaklings of the team (especially that snotty high elf, who would probably break at the slightest touch). After I had used some of my spells it hit me, twice… I don’t know what happened… perhaps I had hurt myself too much earlier and had not recovered enough? I don’t think I did… it doesn’t matter… I fell… and fell… it truly is as they say, time seems to stand still when falling to your death, which was exactly what happened. I saw that hulky dragonborn standing with his arms outstrechted trying to catch me when I was falling, the last living face in this world I will ever see. The sweet thing, perhaps my judgment of some of the team was somewhat harsh… but then again I have never been easy to trust others. I sensed in my road out of this world another had joined the party of misfits, a dwarf. But it seemed to be not just any dwarf, a valiant one with a strong urge to find revenge for her lost friend. A revenge which would also soothe my spirit, so my last effort in this world was to enter her mind and leave her with what she would call an ‘animal totem’ memory to guide her path and strenghten her in her resolve.

I thank the heavens that the mute had cared enough to bring my body to the woods after they were done in the mines, in that way my soul can wander freely and pass on to the next world.

Glorea's Diary

Oh my goodness….seriously…I woke up in a dark en terrible smelling room with five unknown people. A weird looking Elf (a wood elf I suppose….ugh..) A silent tiefling , a ridicilous bard and a Dragonborn and a unpleasant shabby human. And the worst of everything: None of them had a proper noble status.. just some ordinary pleps !
Luckily that bard-thing could create some light for us and we could open the door because of my mage hand without making my hands too dirty. The human used also my hairpin to pick the lock (Really, my beautiful hairpin..how dare he!)

And then there were the most filthy creatures I’ve ever seen we had to fight. Snakes, spiders, oh my…And because it’s my task to clean the world of evil and garbage I decided to use my powerful and lovely magic to get rid of them. Ofcourse the other ones tried also but ofcourse with damaging themselfs badly (amateurs..) Luckily I had no scratch at all!
The wood elf looked really jealous at me…I could totally understand! (despite the fungus on my beautiful dress, disgusting! How did that happen?)

But then we lost the wood-elf, she fell down…Sad…But luckily I had no scratch.

Anyway, it turned out that some man named Alton Danesh had kidnapped us (How dare he!) and tested our skills. I’m glad at least someone could see how good Iam. So I gave him a chance and we went to the Emerald mine to rescue some dwarfs. One dwarf was still alive when we found him/her , I’m not sure , it talked very loudly and had no proper clothes..I killed some other scruffy creatures with my destroying Ray of Frost at a fine distance.
The stench in the mine was horrible but finally we destroyed the poo-smelling-thingies and
I picked up some shiny emeralds ,because I’m noble so they belong to me.

Eldeth's diary
Weird waking up, weird group, weird day!

Wait… whu?! That’s what I said when, whoever he was, started shaking me about. I dunno know what happened, one moment there was a really foul smell in the mine (smelled like farts to me to be honest) and then I woke up and someone was shaking me. Weird stuff… well anyway, turns out we, me and my pal Hedrik, were captured of some sort, dunno what they want with two mining dwarves though… Turned out that, whoever did it, killed Hedrik!!! I dunno who did it, but I’m sure as hell gonna make sure it suffers and dies by my hands! No one touches my friends! Even though Hedrik could be a bit of a nuisance, with his stories about how he wanted to settle down and have nice life, if I didn’t know any better I’d say he was trying to get in the sack with me! Come to think of it… he might actually have been trying to do so… well.. anyway none of that matters now, he’s dead. And I’ll make sure to smack however killed him right in the… you know where and gut him and kill him!

So anyway there was this whole group of weirdo’s who found me, some elf (quite the snob if you ask me, don’t really get why she would be down in a smelly mine… well I like having a laugh with snobs, but elfs can be so uptight!). Then there was some sort of Dragonlike thing, I have seen them before but never really talked to one of em, seem to keep to themselves, at least the ones I saw… maybe not this one, will have to see. And then there was this funny-looking silent guy… he looked sad though, turned out they lost a member of their group just minutes ago, but he seemed to be the only one moved by it, bunch of emotionally uptight ones I guess. And then this half elf, she seemed fun! Talking lots, being a bit of a loudmouth like meself. Although she seems to have more pretty words and stuff. Ah well, I’m sure we’ll get along. And then this human one, he seemed to like a fight, so guess we can at least meet eye to eye on that front!

Anyhow, we moved on to the next room where we found I don’t know whatnots and there were some weird darklike drawings on the floor. We fought them, I smashed them a bit, and we killed them! Then some of the group started smashing some statue that was on the floor (hadn’t really noticed it, I kinda sometimes get into a rage when fighting evil stuff, started happening to me in the war when the first of my mates fell). Not much happened until one of em tipped it over and the drawings faded. Whatever, I’m not into all that hocuspocus pooha stuff, gives me the creeps! (and feels a bit like they’re cheating when I’m fighting magical stuff). When leaving the mine we went to pick up their lost groupmember, I dunno really what happened, already said magic gives me the shivers and it felt like some shivery stuff was going on with her. The others didn’t seem to notice, but I somehow felt connected to that dead elf. TO AN ELF! Of all creatures I could connect with I go ahead and connect with an ELF, crazy stuff! Ever since I laid eyes on that elf I can’t seem to get the image of a black panther out of my head, and when I slept a little bit just then it came to me in my dreams. Felt really weird, not a threat, but like an invite, dunno really what happened, will think more tomorrow, my head hurts from thinking.

Oh yeah still had to finish the story, real quick then. We went back out of the mine, I decided to stay with this bunch, it’s better than staying in the mines and it seems like a good enough way to get revenge for Hedrik and finally get to some adventuring! Even though it seems like an odd group, they seem friendly enough and later it turned out a few of them could hold their liquor… a little.. hahaha no one beats a dwarf at drinking (although that half elf gave it a nice try).

Weird day!

Sessie 2

De helden onderzoeken de verdwijningen rond de tempel van Poseidon. Van een zwerver horen ze dat er een verdacht figuur ’s nachts mensen het steegje in leidt. Een zijdeverkoopster vertelt dat ze een innkeeper verdenkt. De helden ondervragen hem en doorzoeken zijn inn, maar komen er achter dat hij een smokkelaar is en niets te maken heeft met de verdwijningen. In de tempel ondervragen ze hogepriesteres Endotia en groundskeeper Breten, maar hoewel ze beide verdacht lijken, ontkennen ze alles en weten de helden hen geen verdere bekentenis te ontlokken. Aviendha vermomt zich als priester en weet uit een kantoortje een sleutelbos te stelen. Red vindt via zijn criminele contacten uiteindelijk een zijingang van de tempel en de helden besluiten hier ’s nachts naar binnen te gaan. Na een gevecht met een aantal ingehuurde bandieten en een spannende tocht langs een reuze-octopus vinden ze een tweede beeldje, opnieuw bewaakt door een aantal vreemde wezens. Ze verslaan deze en nemen het beeldje mee.
Alton weet ze niet direct verder te helpen met het beeldje, en de helden gaan verder op zoek naar assistentie. In het huis van Breten vinden ze een aantal verwelkte planten, ze nemen er eentje mee en laten deze onderzoeken door een magiƫr in de wijk van de anderen Farona. Ze laten haar ook het beeldje zien. Ze herkende het beeldje vaag ergens van en heeft beloofd de helden dit te onderzoeken en ze te laten weten als ze meer ontdekt.

Stedd's adventure log 2015-01-04

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“Ok, so we found the little statue thing at the mine, and we had gone back to Alton, basically our handler I guess. He sent us on our way to the temple of Poseidon on the lakeside, where apparently more people had disappeared. On the way, I got the monk to hand me the statue but I don’t really see what I wanted with it; seemed an sort of ordinary, ugly thing. STILL, IN THE END I WILL HAVE IT. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO IT.

At the temple, me and Eldeth, the dwarf, went and found a beggar, shifty looking feller, who claimed that he didn’t know much but after a bit of leaning told us he’d seen a cloaked stranger bringing people to an alley nearby. HE CAVED SO EASILY. WEAKLING. Turned out the poncy elf, who had been faffing about a bit with some silk seller, apparently heard something shady was going on in an inn, the Sapphire Mace, which had a back exit on the same alley.

Now, I’m not the sharpest tool, but one and one is still two, so it seemed obvious that the inn was involved in this whole charade, and me and the mute went to the back exit while the rest went in through the front entrance. We found the innkeeper in back, and after a bit of chat he turned out to be quite amenable. While me and the guys in front had a little drink, the mute broke into the guy’s storehouse and found a barrel of what turned out to be nothing but a bit of weed. CURSE THE INNKEEPER. IF HE HAD JUST BEEN MORE FORTHCOMING, WE WOULDN’T HAVE WASTED SO MUCH TIME ON THIS WILD GOOSE CHASE. So, we left and went back to the temple.

In the temple, they didn’t really want us to talk to the head priestess, but the poncy elf turned out to actually have some backbone and threatened to have the guy fired if he didn’t bring us to his boss. COULD HAVE JUST THREATENED TO HAVE HIS BALLS CUT OFF. Turned out the boss claimed to not know anything, but was apparently lying or so the mute tried to sign me. We had nothing on her though, so we got nowhere.

Luckily, Rhogash, the dragonborn, had spotted another chump gawking at us, and it looked like he was quite interested in our little chat, so we had one with him as well. Same sob story, knows nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing, but lying through his teeth. I SHOULD HAVE JUST SET THE ENTIRE DAMN PLACE ON FIRE AND LET NERZHUL SORT THEM OUT. Guy made a bit of a ruckus, tried to leave, so I accidentally on purpose tripped him, which was a good laugh, but sort of got us kicked out of the temple.

I decided to go and check in with the Nose, figured he might know some guy that could get us in the temple at night to have a bit of a look-see. He suggested I go see Velda, a smuggler, and funnily enough that I now owed him one. OWED HIM ONE. THE LITTLE SHIT SHOULD BE GRATEFUL I LEFT HIM WITH A NOSE AFTER THE STUNT HE PULLED BEFORE.

Anyway, went back to the temple square and it turned out the noisy elf had stolen a set of keys. Good trick, she might be useful after all. Still got tired from all the yapping. I went to see Velda, and he had one of his errand boys show me a side entrance to the temple. So, we went and saw our good new friend Elaric the innkeeper to stay until the dead of night before we decided to go and enter the temple through that side door.

Turned out it was guarded by some hired muscle, and fairly cheap hired muscle at that. The yappy elf even tried to reason with them, but one of the fuckers shot me in my damn shoulder. I WOULD HAVE RIPPED HIS EYES OUT, BUT I SETTLED FOR CUTTING THE HEAD OF ONE OF THE PESTS, AND GUTTING ANOTHER LIKE A FISH. Not sure how it happened, the bolt must have knocked the wind out of me, but when I recovered, all of ‘em were dead except one groveling for his life and another one that had been knocked out. Guy kept insisting he knew nothing, and annoyingly enough he’s probably right.

Anyway, we went on and found a sort of basin. The mute tried to swim across, but turned out there was an octopus there that just grabbed him and dragged him down. We got some good hits in though and it fled, so we could make our way across. Eldeth swam across, she got grabbed by two smaller octopuses but no big deal as they were pretty squishy, and she even managed a goot shot at the big one and killed it. Good move. We crossed the pool using some mechanism that raised the floor, and went on our way to a room with another mark on the floor like in the mine and another statue. I NEEDED TO HAVE THAT STATUE. I COULD NOT LET ANYONE GET IT FIRST. There were some more earth things like in the mine, but we got them readily, and we deciced to head back. We actually stayed the night, hoping the cloaked guy the beggar told us about would show up, but no luck.

We returned to our handler and showed him the statues. Figured he might know something about them. He said he didn’t. STILL, I AM SURE HE’S HOLDING OUT ON US. ONE DAY, HE’LL GET WHAT IS COMING TO HIM. He did suggest we show the statue to the priest lady at the temple, and so we went over there.

Faced by our new proof, the priest caved and told us her flunky, the guy I tripped, was the owner of the keys we … found, but that he hadn’t shown up that day. I SHOULD HAVE DONE MORE THAN TRIP HIM. I SHOULD HAVE GUTTED HIM WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. We went to his place, but he had run like a coward. Apparently, there was some stuff with the plants that were dead or something, the talky elf said, so we took some to an elf herbalist. Lots of words, but in the end all we got out of it was that the plants had been exposed to some evil.

We had some time on our hands, as Alton and the herbalist were checking stuff for us, so I decided to check in at the guild, and actually see whether they have any contacts with cults in the city. Figured that because of the weird markings and the evil flowers there might be some cult behind it. They named the Cult of the Nine, said they’re actually in the Quarter of the Others as well, and they might introduce me. I NEED THAT. I NEED THAT MORE THAN ANYTHING. I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM, AND I WILL GET WHAT I NEED FROM THEM."


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