Overly Dramatic

Eldeth's diary (4)

Eldeth Bloodsteel:

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear… I don’t dear much, but when I’ve been doing silly stuff I do… I made a huge mistake today. But don’t lemme get ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning, we came back from retrieving the latest statue and I just had to talk to someone about Red’s funny eye-fire-shooting-business. Figured that Alton was pretty trustworthy (STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!) anways…. I told him, he thought it sounded very interesting, not disturbing, interesting… (Oh no, no clues or ringing bells here… I am so… graaaah!!). Ok enough with the guilt, first the story!

Apparently Red and Avhiendha found out that the next statue was supposed to be on some island, so we set out to go there. Which wasn’t as easy as it sounded, the sailors were pretty anxious about going there, something about that noone who ever went there returned. Load of fairytales if you tell me, so we managed to talk a sailor some sense in his bones, that he would be heralded a hero if he would take us there. So he did, we can be quite persuasive sometimes! So we went aboard with some of his men. We soon found out why those sailors were anxious, it wasn’t an island, it was a keep on water! A keep containing some very skilled bowsmen! They started shooting at us, and fired at the crew. I even had to take over the helm (which I wasn’t very bad at, if I may say so myself). It was rather tricky, but thanks to the skills of our group we managed to shoot a few people and keep most of the crew relatively safe (would be rather shamefull if the crew died after we talked them into taking us to the keep in the first place!)

After docking we tried to get into the keep, me and Red climbed the walls, the others were soon to follow, except for miss-whine-a-lot who didn’t want to get her pretty manicured hands dirty, or break a bloody nail or something… Anyways we got to the other side of the wall when I heard dogs… and the funniest thing happend, I never minded dogs much, but now… I just had this… I dunno… I guess I can best describe it as ‘hissing’ sound in my head, as if I had that black panther in my head again. Well made me want to kill those damn dogs a lot faster! Which we did, little miss-oooooh-I-don’t-want-to-climb-the-wall decided to join us after all. So after that first fight we went to look for the statue. We found some sort of throne room with a lock, but no key yet. So, went looking for the key, some guard had it (guard didn’t survive our finding the key, hehe). Opened the lock, there was this stair leading down. Looked like a good place to look for a hidden statue. Well it was a good place until we walked into this huge big cube of Jell-O! Our mute friend walked into it, started oozing our way, it actually kinda vaccuumed me up…. yuck and ouch! But we killed it (of course we did, cause we’re kinda awesome!) Well… awesome, maybe not so much… oh getting ahead of myself again. Anyway, we pushed ahead and found this catlike-tentacled creature that was guarding another statue (hope this is the last, getting kinda tired of these things without knowing what they do!) And we killed that catty beast and then…. the lights went out, it went completely and utterly dark. I usually can handle dark… but not this. Last thing I heard before getting smacked on the head was that dreadful, sickening humming… DAMN YOU ALTON!!! DAMN TRAITOR!!!


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