Overly Dramatic

Glorea's Diary second part

Ugh..first thing I will say : I shall not getting used to this filthy way of living!
My dress smells like dusty dungeons and my hair looks terrible, I’m glad we had a bath in our room where we stayed! Today we went to the market (finally some good products to buy!) But the Dragonborn wouldn’t let me go shopping..hmpf….But luckily there was a proper silk seller who couldn’t resist my charms and so I found out that there was a shady man-thing named Elarik in the Inn that has to do something with the dissapearances. And ofcourse I bought some of his fine silk, a beautiful kashmier scarf! (hah! nobody can stop a shopping woman!)

Then in the Poseidon Temple I had some fine conversations with some Temple people and ofcourse the High Priestess couldn’t resist me. The dwarf also tried to do some conversations or more some shouting and waste the good reputation of my noble status…(Could please someone shut her/him up? My poor ears..) I’m glad the bard also has a bit of charisma , but ofcourse I’m the one with the beauty and the brains (duh!)

We went downstairs the temple and fight some bandits (at a proper distance ofcourse..) And then there was the most ugly creature I’ve ever seen.. a slimey beast with tentacles…oh my goodness…I’m glad the dwarf and the tiefling went swimming in the disgusting smelling dark pool of water, so my clothes stayed dry and clean. Finally..after long waiting and casting spells at the squishy thing (why didn’t my spells hit te creature? I think it was because of the bad aura of the others in the room..) there was a bridge! The dwarf smelled sickening after the swimming he/she did, but in seconds it was only a beautiful odor of roses thanks to my Prestidigitation spell. Then the others had the ridicilous idea to spent the night down in this horrible temple..this is not a suitable place for a lady like me to sleep! Luckily I warmed the floor so I could sleep with a bit more comfort.

The next morning we fight some odious zombie-things and find a ugly statue.
And then finally a nice warm bath…


Meertn Gemma

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