Overly Dramatic

Rhogash entry #10

Elves, dreams and homebound

We’ve ben busy the last couple of days. After we had done our business in Shirogh, we wasted no time in getting to our next destination, the elven city of Almagus. The Thundershines hooked us up with their magic and we went through the now familiar portal. On the other end we landed in a swamp and had a warm welcome by some of the local wildlife. After this we made our way to the city, with a little guidance from a birdy (that trick of Eldeath is becomming pretty handy).
The city was what I imagined from an elven city, though the elves living here all seem to have a stick up their….behind. Nothing like the elves we encountered sofar, haughty, demeaning and full of themselves. They seem to think of us as lower beings and were directed to spend our time in the city in a special quarter for non-elves. We found a nice inn, run by a halfling. Eldeath and our new companion Moregran started drinking heavily, feeling totaly out of place.
We decided to split up and see what we could find out about the demon and the city. I tried to get into the main temple, but was redirected to a small chapel which wasn’t any use. Avienda and Gloria seemed to be more lucky, gotting invited to a party somewhere. At this point I was feeling pretty fed up with our progress and decided to try my luck. I entered the part of the city where all the official buildings were, hoping to get an audience with the high-priestess, but was stopped by a contingent of guards who urged me to go back or face the consequences. Not willing to end up in jail, I decided to go back and seek another way to speak with the priestes. I wrote an official request for an audience and send a messenger.
Avienda and Gloria seemed to had some luck though at their party. They found a way to get Rusty into the library. There he found the place where we had to be, thankfully not somewhere in this city. We took a boat and a small walk through the jungle before we found the tower ruins we were looking for. It was guarded of course, a young black dragon and some lizardfolk. A battle followed and with a little bit of luck we killed all of them.
Below the ruins there was a small dragon hoard; lots of coins a magic lute and the summoning circle. We were all prepared to face the demons that usualy show up while we activate the circle, but they decided to stay away this time. After the ritial we went back to the boat, but while we were moving back we all were all suddenly struck by fatigue. Against all reason, we decided to sleep before we entered the boat back.
We woke up, in a forest, but not the jungle we fell asleep in. It was a floating island as we found out later and we had no idea how we got there. At first I thought it was the lute that Avienda found, but it was something else entirely. Gloria, in a strange turn of events, decided we should look around and we found a splendid door, all gold and surrounded by gems. Behind is was an abyss, but when we looked through it we saw a hallway. After Moregran went through, we all felt a compelling senses to go through it as well. In the door we seemed to be at a party of some sort, with most of us being servants, except for Gloria and it seemed we where stuck in these bodies we were given, not being able to do anything.
I’m not sure what happened but apparently she did something, for after a while we where back on the island again. The next one was Mark, who found a dark door earlier. We all went through it and we ended in a dark room, with a gem in a beam of light in the centre. We searched the gem, but Mark couldn’t seem to get close to it, almost as if the light stopped him. Only after he undressed and find all his courage he could touch it and POOF we were back on the island again.
Eldeath’s door was next. A huge battlefield and she was the only one of us armed. We decided to back off to a cliff, but the armies were to overwhelming for her. We decided to jump the cliff, Eldeath frightened at first, but once she jumped we were back on the island again. Next door was Rusty’s, a library with all the knowledge in the world and someone from Rusty’s past. Rusty had to choose, knowledge or saving his friend. HE made the right one in the end.
Next up was me. By now we had figured out how to beat these doors. It was about confronting your fears. We ended up in a temple to Bahamuth in all his splendor. Suddenly Eldeath collapses, breathing barely. Moregran and Gloria follow. Then I notice the flames. One after another my friends fall unconscious and I’m the only one who can save them. I see a door and try to get them to it by dragging them. But the air is thick and is stopping me. I tried to get between them and the fire, but the fire is hot and burns me. The door opens up a bit more and I have to decide, save myself or die together here with my friends. With heavy heart I go to the door, leaving the bodies of my friends behind, praying in myself to Bahamuth this is just a test just like the others.
When I go through the door I’m back on the island and my friends are all there, breathing and well. Feeling very glad they’re still alive I hug them all. Two more doors to go.
Moregrans doors leads us to his ancestral home. Another party with nobles. But this time we had our own bodies. Seemed like our dwarven buddy had stolen something and needed to confront his family with this truth.
The last door was Avienda’s. It wasn’t a door like the others, more a gate made by trees and branches. Behind it was a city, but populated by only Avienda’s. We tried looking for the real one, but couldn’t find her at first. Then she started telling her story and slowly but surely the other Avienda’s vanished, untill only the real one was left.
Back on the island we found a staircase leading down. The stairs were lit by gems with the same colors of our gates. Below we found 2 demons. We quickly kill one of them and if we wnat to start on the other one, it transforms into a diva. A REAL DIVA. It tells us we passed the test and are ready to face the real demon now. She teleports us and we are back where it all started, back at Ashnor.


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