Overly Dramatic

Rusty's diary 09-01-2016

Namday, Termini 15, 1284CE:

Date confirmed. Location confirmed. Deva sent us to forest near Ashnor. Found demons attacking militia. Barlgura, shadow demons. Not as serious yet. Will probably get worse later. Took out the Barlgura. Guess he should’ve stayed invisible. Militia took us to their camp. Militia leader is named Farona. Seems rest know her. Interesting. City has been taken over by one Alton Danesh. In league with demons. Seems rest know him, too. Dislike all these coincidences.

Turns out four statues have been taken from their ritual circles near here. Will have to replace them. One is in a mine. Overseer’s house looks abandoned. Mine itself not. Miners are like automatons. Eldeth knows them. Probed their minds; scared of something. Minds clouded. Deeper into mine. Found a cliff. Climbed down; small tunnel ahead is collapsed. Eldeth and Rhogash try to clear it. Attacked by cloakers. Hate rays. Why did it have to be rays. Killed them. Felt better.


Meertn ralf_vandenbroek

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