Overly Dramatic

Stedd's adventure log - Epilogue

‘Red’ Stedd Darvinson:

“Over time, I have learned to control it. It hungers for souls still, but it grants me power and so I feed it scraps. The unworthy. Murderers, rapists. It serves me in more ways. I keep the order in Hugain, and I will not abide crime going unpunished. Even Ivellios, for all his qualms, had to agree it is justice. CORELLON’S FOOL, SO EASILY TURNED TO OUR WAYS. And, for sure, Hugain thrives. Trade has increased. So what if some of it flows to the syndicate.

And yet, something is wrong. Something changed. It senses it too, and fills my head with rage. It feels like a predator denied its kill. Kragg can probably handle things here, he’s both competent enough to be able to do it, and not ambitious enough to be a threat. I WISH HE WAS A THREAT. I COULD GORGE ON HIS BLOOD, AND SNUFF THE SOUL FROM HIS BODY. I’ll have to figure out what it is. Somehow it draws me south. Back to Ashnor? Might be. Worth checking out.

And he is out there, too, somewhere, still. Perrin. This city is safe, but I will never be whole while he lives. I would let it consume my soul and burn in the Hells forever for a chance at him. I WILL TEAR THE WINGS FROM HIM. I WILL RIP HIM ASUNDER. NOT EVEN THE ABYSS WILL BE ABLE TO PUT HIM BACK TOGETHER ONCE I FIND HIM. AND ONCE I FIND HIM, I WILL TAKE MY HOST UP ON HIS OFFER, BELIEVE ME."


Meertn ralf_vandenbroek

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